Monday 24 January 2005

By Clare Jerrom, Derren Hayes and Amy

You’re barred: the no-go zones that will ban
violent drinkers

Binge drinkers and people who persistently get drunk will be banned
from pubs and clubs in designated areas in a package of measures
designed to tackle alcohol-related disorder.

The option of “three strikes and you’re banned”
from all licensed premises is aimed at tackling drunks who cause
alcohol-related antisocial behaviour.

Source:- The Times  Saturday 22 January page 9

Brown says Tories will cut £50bn from public

Chancellor Gordon Brown will today accuse the Conservative party of
planning “the biggest cuts in the history of any election

His comments came after the Tories claimed they would cut £50
billion from public services.

Source:- Daily Telegraph  Saturday 22 January page 4

True story of the 12-year-old branded the nation’s
youngest thug

The case of 12-year-old Stefan Gilmore who is serving an 18-month
sentence for robbery and attempted robbery.

Source:- Independent  Saturday 22 January page 21

Inmates ‘victims of gladiator games’

An investigation will be held into claims that prison officers at
Feltham Young Offender Institution played “gladiator”
games with young offenders.

Wardens allegedly placed black and white youths in cells together
then placed bets as to how long it would be before a fight

The inquiry into the death of Zahid Mubarek will investigate the

Source:- The Independent  Saturday 22 January page

Parents face jail for truant children

A couple could become Britain’s first pair to be jailed for
allowing their children to play truant from school.

The two, who cannot be named, were convicted at Reading
magistrates’ court after it emerged that one of their
children had not attended lessons in five months.

Source:- Independent  Saturday 22 January page 28

Immigration moves to top of Tory election agenda

The leader of the Conservative party Michael Howard will today
place immigration and asylum at the heart of the Tories election

Howard will call for limits on immigration and quotas for asylum

Source:- The Sunday Times  Sunday 23 January page 7

Gangs bring terror and deaths to jails

Thousands of offenders are being intimidates, beaten and bullied by
prison gangs, it has emerged.

The gangs are involved with drug trafficking, illegal gambling and
assault and some have become so powerful that members make hundreds
of pounds a week from the prison drug trade.

The money is put aside for after the prisoners are released or to
pay for better treatment while inside.

Source:- The Observer  Sunday 23 January page 7

Prisons face tough criticism

The Prison Service is likely to face serious criticism over its
failure to protect vulnerable female inmates this week as the
verdict of an inquest into the death of an 18-year-old girl with a
history of mental health problems is due.

The inquest into the death of Sarah Campbell has heard how staff at
Styal prison failed to register concerns about her mental health
and the systematic use of segregation for vulnerable inmates.

Source:- The Observer  Sunday 23 January page 6

Baby death expert ‘failed in his duty’

A pathologist whose evidence helped to wrongly convict Sally Clark
for the murder of her two sons will be accused of ‘failing in
his duty’ as an expert witness.

Dr Alan Williams will respond to claims at a General Medical
Council conduct committee that he failed to make available all of
the medical reports about a post-mortem on one of Clark’s

Source:- The Observer  Sunday 23 January page 10

Second teenager hanged in cells

Eighteen-year-old Karl Lewis, who was jailed foe six years in
October for robbery, has been found hanged in his cell at Stoke
Heath Young Offender Institution.

Source:- The Sunday Telegraph Sunday 23 January page

Homeless rise forces Blair to back down on right to

A rise in the number of homeless families has forced Tony Blair to
scrap an idea that he had hoped would be a symbol of New Labour as
the party of home ownership.

Tomorrow John Prescott will unveil his department’s five year
plan including what the government proposes to do to help those who
are struggling to become first time home owners.

His plan will be revealed after Lord Laming launched a blistering
attack on the government’s housing record and warned that
with the number of families in temporary accommodation, up to
300,000 children are having “a terrible start in life”
and missing out on basic education and medical help.

Source:- Independent on Sunday  Sunday 23 January page

How to survive the split

Family law is a shambles. It turns former lovers into enemies and
drives children away from parents. So how do people manage to beat
the odds and the system and stay friends?

Source:- Independent on Sunday  Sunday 23 January pages

Top schools go soft on drugs

A shift in drugs policy in Britain’s top schools means most
pupils are escaping expulsion if they are caught in possession of

Research into the top 50 schools including Eton and Marlborough
found only 10 still take a ‘zero tolerance’ approach
– down from 40 just five years ago.

Source:- The Mail on Sunday  Sunday 23 January page

Terror suspects could be declared mentally ill to keep them
locked up

Foreign terror suspects detained indefinitely in Britain could be
sectioned under the Mental Health Act to keep them in jail.

The House of Lords ruled last month that the detentions were
discriminatory and disproportionate to the suspects’ alleged

Home secretary Charles Clarke is not bound by the decision but he
has pledged to respond to the criticism in the next

Source:- The Mail on Sunday  Sunday 23 January page

Labour immigration alarm

Tough plans to speed up the removal of failed asylum seekers are to
be pushed through by home secretary Charles Clarke.

The move follows signs that the Conservative party plans to make
immigration central to the forthcoming campaign.

Source:- The Guardian  Monday 24 January page 1

Protests against decision to deport schoolgirl

Counselling for pupils is being organised by a head-teacher at a
school in Portsmouth because the school-children are so distressed
by plans to deport a Kurdish asylum seeker.

Children will be offered reassurance following the detention of
Lorin Sulaiman who joined Mayfield school a year ago unable to
speak any English. She has since been placed in the gifted and
talented register.

The Home Office has rejected appeals for the 15-year-old and her
family to remain in Britain.

Source:- The Guardian  Monday 24 January page 4

Police want more on-spot fines

The Association of Chief Police Officers is drawing up plans to
punish a wider range of minor offences with on-the-spot

They also want people given three fines to automatically receive an
antisocial behaviour order.

Source:- Daily Telegraph  Monday 24 January page 2

Prescott aims to halve numbers in temporary homes

A plan to cut the numbers of people living in temporary
accommodation by half by 2010 will be set out by the government

Source:- Daily Telegraph  Monday 24 January page 2

NHS ‘bias’ against mentally ill linked to high
death rate

An inquiry into the high death rate among people with mental health
problems treated on the NHS is to investigate allegations that they
are subject to institutionalised discrimination.

The inquiry will look at why people with learning difficulties and
mental health problems receive worse care from the NHS.

Source:- Independent  Monday 24 January page 14

Scottish newspapers

Church blocks sex education

The Catholic Church has said headteachers will be able to block
family planning workers from entering classrooms.

A spokesperson for the Church said it was ‘relaxed’
about a strategy that would not force faith schools to do anything
contrary to their ethos.

Source:- Scotland on Sunday Sunday 23rd January

Overhaul of social work after Miss X

Education and young people’s minister Peter Peacock defends
social workers in the aftermath of the report into the ‘Miss
X’ scandal, and explains why the profession will need to
adapt to a changing society. Also, analysis into the wider impact
of the case.

Source:- Sunday Herald Sunday 23rd January

Sex clinics in rural schools plan revealed

Sexual health clinics offering contraception and morning-after
pills to pupils could be set up in rural schools.

The Sexual Health Strategy – a blueprint for the future of
Scotland’s sex education – is to back moves to give
youngsters greater access to clinics where they can obtain condoms
and emergency contraception.

Source:- The Scotsman Monday 24th January

Number of at home dads doubles

They have revealed that the number of house husbands in Scotland
has doubled since the turn of the millennium, to more than

The news comes as separate figures from the GMB trade union show
that women workers now outnumber men in half of Britain’s local

Source:- The Herald Monday 24th January

Migrant workers targeted

Aberdeen Council is advertising job vacancies in new EU
countries to meet a skills shortage, but it has led to fears it
will lead to a drop in public sector wages.

Unions say the migrant workers will be ‘cheap labour’ and
question whether they are really necessary.

Source:- The Daily Record Monday 24th January

Secure unit staff

More than 100 residential care workers are needed for new young
offenders’ secure units in Airdrie, Lanarkshire and Bishopton,
Renfrewshire. The units will house children aged from 12 to 16.

Source:- The Daily Record Monday 24th January

Welsh newspapers

Job with care inspectorate a nightmare, tribunal

An ex-inspector with the Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales said
that the job had been a nightmare an employment tribunal in Cardiff

Maryse Newnham’s barrister heavily criticised the way CSIW
treated his client.

Newnham, alleges that the CSIW failed to provide her with proper
training and supervision for the job and that she was
constructively dismissed by the body.

Source:- Western Mail Saturday 22 January

Father jailed for hammer attack on paedophile

A father was jailed for three-and-a-half-years for attacking a
convicted paedophile with a hammer in a layby.

Malcom Taylor followed paedophile Ray Longstaffe in his car along a
country road and then flashed him to pull over and carried out the

Source:- Western Mail Saturday 22 January

Deputy head assaulted pupils

The deputy head teacher of a special needs school pleaded guilty to
nine charges of common assault against her pupils yesterday at Mold
Crown Court.

Beryl Thompson received 160 hours of community services. She
admitted holding one child’s head underwater and smearing
spaghetti on two other children’s faces.

Source:- Western Mail Saturday 22 January

Tug of love baby back with mum

A Welsh nurse will be reunited with her six-month-old baby tomorrow
after her estranged husband took the girl into hiding.

Stephen Jelicich took Catlin while the couple were visting his
family in New Zealand and Dianne was forced to return to Wales
without her.

The couple split up during the trip and Dianne Jelicich had been
granted custody of the baby who was born in Wales.

Source:- Wales on Sunday Sunday 23 January

Patients may face return to postcode drug era

Postcode lottery drug prescription could become a reality in Wales
once again experts have warned.

Wales is shortly due to pull out of the National Institute for
Clinical Excellence (Nice) appraisal system which determines which
new drugs will be available on the NHS.

Source:- Western Mail Monday 24 January



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