Placement is an education in how social services work

    Francis Kaikumba is learning a lot about the way local authorities
    work and, in particular, how social services work. He is in the
    second year of a two-year course to bring a new style of management
    into the public sector and is on a placement in Salford Council’s
    social services department.

    The Warwick postgraduate diploma in local government management
    aims to link the theory and practice of management in the public

    It is part of the national graduate development programme, drawn up
    for local government by the Employers’ Organisation and equates to
    a trainee graduate position in a local authority.

    Kaikumba must also complete modules on topics such as leadership,
    performance management and local governance. “I’m learning about
    the day-to-day issues in this sector,” he says.

    Although many of the course delegates do not end up in social
    services, Kaikumba knew that was where he wanted to be. Before
    starting the course, he had worked for voluntary services in
    Salford researching ethnic minority issues.

    Now he is continuing that focus in the community cohesion team,
    looking at rolling out a policy across the council and partnership

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