The HSE Management Standards on stress made simple

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This seven page free-to-download article looks at the
implementation of the Health and Safety Executive standards on
stress at work, writes Ray Braithwaite.

It covers the six major workplace stresses, the mandatory
obligations placed upon employers and the causes and effects of
work-related stress.

It then identifies 11 strategies that could dramatically reduce
levels of stress at work.

It considers what can go wrong with “stress busting” initiatives
and concludes that the goal of any organisation must be the
creation of a healthy work culture.

The document is clear, precise, jargon-free and easy-to-read.
Moreover it would have a positive impact, if followed, upon any

It details many actions an employer can take to reduce stress. It
gives useful pointers and may be used as a quick reference tool for
any hard-pressed manager.

Ray Braithwaite is the author of the CD-Rom Stress at Work
and How to Handle it – a Tool for Managers

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