Monday 31 January 2005

    By Maria Ahmed, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

    Citizens’ pension plan to lift nearly million out of

    Nearly a million pensioners, most of them women, will be lifted
    from “abject poverty” if the cabinet accepts Alan
    Johnson’s plans to revolutionise Britain’s welfare
    state. The work and pensions secretary plans to replace the system
    of the past 50 years with a new “citizen’s
    pension.” Residence, rather than national insurance
    contributions, would become the criterion for a basic state
    pension. The current system has an in-built bias against carers or
    those without continuous full-time employment.

    Source:- The Guardian January 29 2005 page 1

    Parents lose court battle over keeping critically ill
    girl alive

    The parents of desperately ill baby Charlotte Wyatt have lost
    the latest round in their legal battle to give their daughter the
    chance to live.

    Source:- Daily Telegraph January 29 2005 page 2

    The row over sandwiches that sparked a riot

    A jail riot that caused £3 million in damage began with a
    row over sandwiches, Leicester Crown Court heard. Prisoners took
    control of Lincoln prison for more than eight hours in October
    2002, smashing everything in their path and looting the pharmacy
    for drugs – with one inmate dying after an overdose. Six
    rioters were jailed for nine years.

    Source:- The Daily Mail Saturday January 29 2005 page

    New inquiry into care for over-65s

    The architect of the government’s plans to double spending
    on the NHS will today launch an investigation into the Cinderella
    services of social care. Sir Derek Wanless’s inquiry will
    focus initially on the needs of older people in England.

    Source:- The Guardian Saturday January 31 2005 page

    ‘Ban surrogacy’ call after mother dies in

    Pro-life campaigners yesterday called for surrogacy to be banned
    after a mother of two died giving birth.

    Natasha Caltabiano, 29, who had developed high blood pressure,
    suffered a ruptured aorta and died 90 minutes after the boy

    Source:- The Mail on Sunday January 30 2005 page 44

    Labour plays its own race card to trump Tory migration

    Tony Blair will steal Michael Howard’s key policy when he
    launches Labour’s own crackdown on illegal immigration next

    The Prime Minister has insisted that an Australian-style points
    system to grade would-be migrants seeking a new life in Britain is
    included in a raft of measures. The deportation of thousands of
    failed asylum seekers will also be made a top priority.

    Source:- The Independent on Sunday January 30 2005 page

    Brown to raise minimum wage above £5

    Gordon Brown will announce that the minimum wage is to rise
    above the symbolic £5 mark for the first time in a Budget
    expected to launch Labour’s election campaign.

    He will raise the minimum hourly rate for adult workers from
    £4.85 to £5.05 in October, and to £5.30 the
    following year.

    Source:- The Independent on Sunday January 30 2005 page

    Girl gang-raped

    A girl, 14, was gang-raped as she walked home from the Hackney
    Empire, east London.

    Source:- The Independent on Sunday January 30 2005 page

    Psychosis linked to cannabis, says studies

    Mental health campaigners are calling for a government inquiry
    into the effects of cannabis one year after the drug was
    reclassified from Class B to Class C.

    Source:- The Independent on Sunday January 30 2005 page

    Anti-gay bullying forces thousands of pupils to leave
    school after GCSEs

    Homophobic bullying in British schools is forcing thousands of
    gay pupils to leave school early, prompting calls from gay equality
    charity Stonewall for the introduction of sexual orientation
    lessons in the curriculum.

    Source:- The Independent on Sunday January 30 2005 page

    Ministers go to war on class pranksters

    A war on classroom pranksters and persistent attention-seekers
    will be declared by Ruth Kelly, the secretary of state for

    Source:- The Independent on Sunday January 30 2005 page

    Families reunited

    How would you feel if a stranger turned up out of the blue
    claiming to be the son or daughter you never knew you had? Why
    changes to the law will make such daunting, tearful encounters much
    more common.

    Source:- The Independent on Sunday January 30 2005 page

    Row erupts over secret filming of hospital

    Health bosses claim that patients were ‘put at risk’
    by nurses who captured appalling conditions for a shocking Channel
    4 documentary. Hidden cameras were used to film Royal United
    Hospital, Bath and Ealing Hospital in west London.

    Source:- The Observer January 30 2005 page 5

    Racism ‘ingrained into prison

    Judy Clements, the prison service’s first race equality
    adviser, found a deeply ingrained culture of prejudice in the
    prison service, the inquiry into the death of Asian teenager Zahid
    Mubarek has been told.

    Source:- The Observer January 30 2005 page 15

    Search for missing boy

    Police are searching for Ben Wilson, 9, who went missing from
    his home in Witham, Essex. He was last seen by a neighbour on
    Saturday afternoon.

    Source:- The Times Monday January 31 2005 page 2

    Ministers may face revolt over disability benefit

    The government moved yesterday to head off a backbench rebellion
    over its planned reform of benefits for the long-term sick and
    disabled in an attempt to reduce the £6.7 billion a year cost
    of the programme. Alan Johnson, secretary of state for work and
    pensions, insisted that the reforms, to be announced this week,
    would not be about cutting benefit rates. But he said the design of
    the benefits would have to change. Incapacity benefit is also to be
    renamed and reformed in an attempt to get hundreds of thousands of
    claimants back into work.

    Source:- The Independent Monday January 31 2005 page

    Scottish newspapers

    Prostitution plan naïve

    Proposals to legalise prostitution in Scotland will lead to a
    surge in people trafficking and organised crime, child protection
    experts claim.

    They say the Scottish executive plans fail to take into account the
    fact that a growing number of foreign women and children are being
    forced to work in brothels.

    Source:- Scotland on Sunday Sunday 30 January

    NHS staff angry over the use of armed guards and
    handcuffs for asylum seekers

    Asylum seekers from the Dungavel detention centre have been
    degraded and humiliated in a series of “horrific”
    incidences while receiving treatment at Scottish NHS

    Medical workers at Wishaw General Hospital and Hairmyres Hospital
    have raised concerns about a number of cases including that of a
    woman being shackled to her bed while awaiting surgery and a man
    who was escorted from a psychiatric unit by armed guards following
    treatment for mental health problems.

    Source:- Sunday Herald Sunday 30 January

    While we’ve been waiting for the Scottish
    Executive’s sexual health strategy chlamydia among teenagers
    has jumped by 50%, 38,000 teenagers have become pregnant and 16,000
    of them have had an abortion. So why after all this time is it so

    Background news feature on the reasons for reforming Scottish
    sexual health legislation and how the subject is taught in schools,
    focusing particularly on the repercussions of the high rates of
    underage sex in Scotland.

    Source:- Sunday Herald Sunday 30 January

    Gordon’s army of 1 millions helpers

    Gordon Brown will throw his weight behind the Year of the
    Volunteer campaign by launching a bid to recruit up to a million
    young people for voluntary work. He says Britain’s response to the
    tsunami in Asia has boosted his hopes of a good response.

    Source:- Daily Record Monday 31 January

    Archbishop: sexual health u-turn a victory

    A war of words has erupted between a senior Catholic Church
    figure and supporters of sexual health reforms.

    Mario Conti, the archbishop of Glasgow, said the executive’s
    support for “abstinence” was a clear rejection of the
    “safe-sex” mantra that had failed Scotland. However,
    one former Labour minister criticized the executive for
    “caving in” to the church.

    Source:- The Herald Monday 31 January

    Welsh newspapers

    I’ll sue cops over trial fiasco!

    A victim of child sex abuse said he will launch legal action
    against North Wales police after being cleared of benefit

    Stephen Messham was accused of benefit fraud to the sum of
    £33, 000 between 1995 and 2000.

    He has previously spoken out against North Wales Police and
    Flintshire Council in an inquiry into abuse at the former Bryn
    Estyn children’s home in Wrexham in 1997.

    Source:- Wales on Sunday Sunday 30 January

    Hunt on for mother of dead baby

    Police said that they were concerned for the welfare of the mother
    of a dead newborn baby whose body was found in a garden in Cardiff
    yesterday. The boy was found in the back garden of a house in the
    Splott area of the city yesterday by the owner of the house.

    Police appealed for the mother to come forward.

    Source:- Wales on Sunday Sunday 30 January

    Schoolgirls’ web shock sparks warning

    Parents were urged to be more thorough in monitoring their
    children’s use of the internet after two Swansea schoolgirls
    put sexual photos of themselves on the web.

    One 13-year-old girl sent a photo of herself in underwear and with
    handcuffs and a whip to a website. She had taken the photo herself
    with a webcam. The other 14-year-old girl sent photographs of
    herself naked, which she had taken, to her friends via an online
    messaging service.

    Both girls were pupils at Cefn Hengoed Community School and the
    deputy head teacher Geoff Brookes urged parents monitor their
    children’s online activity more closely.

    Source:- Wales on Sunday Sunday 30 January

    Infant’s mum ‘could be teenager’

    Fears that the mother of a new born baby found dead in a backgarden
    in Cardiff could be as young as 13 were being raised last

    Police are concerned for the mother’s welfare and are trying
    to locate her.

    Source:- Western Mail Monday 31 January

    Mother’s ordeal while split from her baby

    A Welsh nurse has described the moment that she saw her six-month
    old baby for the first time in 18 days yesterday.

    Diane Jelich’s estranged husband Steve went into hiding in
    his native New Zealand shortly after the couple split up just
    before Christmas.

    Source:- Western Mail Monday 31 January


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