Top 20 in social care

Top 20 of the most influential people in the social
care sector

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1) Jo Williams

Social Care for Adults category


“I am extremely surprised and very thrilled to be honoured in
this way. I use any influence I have in the field of social care to
raise the profile of people with a learning disability,” – Jo

1) Jo Williams, chief executive, Mencap

2) Peter Beresford, chair, Shaping our Lives

3) Jayne Zito, founder, The Zito Trust

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2) Peter

4) Lord Victor Adebowale, chief executive, Turning Point

5) Marjorie Wallace, founder, SANE

6) Tessa Harding, head of policy, Help the Aged

7) Rob Greig, National Director, Valuing People

8) Ann Abraham, health ombudsman

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3) Jayne Zito

9) Louis Appleby, national director of mental health, Department
of Health


10) Andrew McCulloch, chief executive, Mental Health


11) Richard Brook, national director, Mind

12) Joanna Bennett, campaigner


13) Pauline Campbell, campaigner

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4) Lord Adebowale

14) Maeve Sherlock, chief executive, Refugee Council


15) Michelle Chinnery, co-chairperson, Learning Disability

16) Errol Francis, joint programme manager, Breaking the Circles
of Fear

17) Linda Ward, Norah Fry Research Centre


18) Anthea Tinker, professor of social gerontology, Kings College,

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5) Marjorie Wallace

19) Jean Collins, chief executive, Values into Action

20) David Crepaz-Keay, Mental Health Media


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