Friday 4 February 2005

    By Maria Ahmed, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

    Cell death

    A 26-year-old woman was found dead in prison cell, the Prison
    Service said. Victoria Robinson was discovered hanging in her cell
    at New Hall prison, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire. She was on
    suicide watch.

    Source:- The Times Friday 4 February 2005 page 2

    Dentist struck off for child porn

    A dentist who admitted possessing thousands of child pornography
    photographs on his computer must be struck off, a High Court judge
    ruled yesterday.

    In the first case of its kind. Mr Justice Newman, sitting in
    London, agreed with the council for the regulation of healthcare
    professionals that a decision to suspend Alexander Fleischmann from
    the Dentist’s Register for 12 months was unduly lenient.

    Source:- The Times Friday 4 February 2005 page 2

     Tearaways parted

    A teenage couple were banned from speaking to each other for
    four years. A judge at Plymouth crown court issued an antisocial
    behaviour order against Jamie Leigh Brown and her boyfriend Stephan
    Brown, 15, who terrorised neighbours. They were each given an
    18-month detention and training order.

    Source:- The Times Friday 4 February 2005 page 24

    Little boy lost, the riddle of a toddler no-one has

    West Midlands police have been trying to identify a boy, around
    two years old, who was found by passers-by wandering in Woodstock
    Road, in the Harmondsworth area of Birmingham at around 9.30pm on
    Tuesday. No-one has come forward to claim him. He is currently with
    foster carers.

    Source:- The Times Friday 4 February 2005 page 27

    Teacher fired airgun in gang row

    A teacher who fired an air pistol during an altercation with a
    group of youngsters told the police she “had enough” of
    the law being on the side of criminals.

    Linda Walker claims she suffered weeks of abuse and vandalism near
    her home in Urmston, Manchester. The trial at Minshull Crown Court,
    Manchester continues.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 4 February 2005
    page 4

     Police’s icy response to a child’s

    Amy Hodges, 13, from Ashford, Kent, spent four hours in a police
    cell after accidentally breaking the rear window of a Kent police
    vehicle with a snowball. She had her fingerprints taken and was
    obliged to give a DNA sample before being given a formal reprimand
    when officers decided not to proceed with a charge of criminal

    Source:- The Guardian Friday 4 February 2005 page 5

    Doubt cast on health scheme for the elderly

    An American healthcare corporation with close personal links to
    Tony Blair was last night embroiled in a row about its work for the
    NHS in England. The British Medical Journal cast doubt on the
    effectiveness of the Evercare programme, a scheme to provide extra
    care for older people at risk of emergency admission to hospital.
    It said government plans to adopt this approach “may be based
    on misleading data”.

    Source:- The Guardian Friday 4 February 2005 page

    ‘Safe heroin use’ study

    Campaigners condemned the publication yesterday of research
    which suggests that heroin can be taken over a long period without
    destroying people’s lives. Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian
    University identified 126 long-term heroin users in the city who
    were not experiencing the health and social problems normally
    associated with the drug. Scotland

    Source:- The Guardian Friday 4 February 2005 page

    Wanted: visionaries to change the world

    Six “visionaries” able to convince the Joseph
    Rowntree Trust that they have got a brilliant and plausible idea
    for social reform will be awarded up to £40,000 for five
    years, annual office costs of £5,000, plus networking support
    to get it going.

    Source:- The Guardian Friday 4 February 2005 page

    Absentee children could fill 1,000 schools

    The government has failed to but truancy in England despite
    spending nearly a billion pounds on measures to reduce absence from
    school, both authorised and unauthorised, the National Audit Office
    reported yesterday.

    Source:- The Times Friday 4 February 2005 page 6

    Labour plans immigration crackdown

    A crackdown on asylum and immigration will be announced by the
    government next week, with financial penalties, to deter would-be
    migrants repeatedly appealing against a decision to refuse them
    entry to the UK.

    Source:- The Financial Times Friday 4 February 2005
    page 2

    Scottish newspapers

    Blow for Labour as youth crime rises sharply

    One in 20 Scottish children were referred to children’s
    panels in 2003/04 reflecting a large rise in youth offending, the
    agency in charge of youth justice has said.

    The Scottish Children’s Reporters Administration report
    showed the numbers of children reported to panels for concerns
    about welfare and safety had risen by 12 per cent while those
    referred for offending rose by 13 per cent.

    The SCRA’s top official Alan Miller also announced he was to
    resign after 10 years in the post.

    Source:- The Herald Friday 4 February

    Vulnerable victims of numbers game

    An analysis of the politics behind the latest SCRA figures and
    the behind the scenes reasons for its top official’s

    Source:- The Herald Friday 4 February

    1 in 20 Scottish children is born to fail

    A breakdown in traditional family values and the increasing
    influence of alcohol and drug abuse have been blamed for a 12.6 per
    cent increase in referrals to children’s reporters in a year.
    However, opposition parties blame the executive for not being tough
    enough on youth crime.

    Source:- The Scotsman Friday 4 February

    School kids run gauntlet of abuse

    Children at Alva Academy in Clackmannanshire got a police escort
    to protect them from gangs of teenagers waiting at the school

    Teachers had been forced to call in the police three times in 10
    days after pupils were attacked.

    Staff have had to shield children in the face of abuse and threats
    of violence to get them to the school bus.

    Source:- Daily Record Friday 4th February

    Welsh newspapers

    Warning over Clywch findings

    The children’s commissioner for Wales today warned that
    recommendations from his inquiry into sexual abuse at a South Wales
    school are not being implemented thoroughly enough.

    Last summer Peter Clarke published a report finding that drama
    teacher and TV scriptwriter John Owen had abused pupils at Ysgol
    Gyfun Rhydfelen, near Pontypridd, in the 1980s and 90s.

    It also stated that education officials’ response was
    inadequate and constituted a cover up.

    Source:- Friday 4 February

    Boyfriend blames ‘gloom in his

    A man accused of stabbing his partner to death told Cardiff
    Crown Court that he was hit by a “gloom” in his head
    every time his girlfriend went out socialising.

    Paul Viner is alleged to have killed Donna Brough when she
    arrived home late after a night out.

    Source:- Western Mail Friday 4 February



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