Tuesday 8 February 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

Paedophile freed

A convicted paedophile who hoarded more than a million digital
images of child abuse was freed yesterday.

John Harrison, from Denton, in Manchester, was jailed for two and a
half years, but was freed after lawyers found that he had served
sufficient time while on remand. He was sentenced at Minshull
Street Crown Court.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 8 February 2005 page 4

School staff defy appeal panel over teacher assault

Teachers at a school in Hampshire are defying orders from an
independent appeal panel that they must teach a 15-year-old boy who
has been expelled for assaulting a member of staff. Staff at Hurst
Community College, in Tadley, claim that their safety is at risk
after the panel of appeal overruled the school and said that the
teenager should be allowed back.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 8 February 2005 page 6

We’re doing God’s work – and John

A former stockbroker turned fundamentalist pastor has ended
homelessness in Southport. Would his scheme work nationwide?

Pete Cunningham, minister of the Assemblies of God church, has
housed 300 people through his company.

Source:- The Times T2 Tuesday 8 February 2005 page

Who cares for the carers?

It’s a carer’s worst nightmare – what happens
when they fall ill or are called away?

Source:- The Times T2  Tuesday 8 February 2005 pages

The disability standard-bearer

John Knight’s life experiences provide an almost tailor-made
qualification to champion the rights of disabled people.

Source:- The Times Public Agenda Tuesday 8 February 2005
page 5

Children: victims of party politics

Children are getting caught up in a political battle as Labour and
the Conservatives each strive to show how tough they are on

Source:- The Times Public Agenda Tuesday 8 February 2005
page 6

Prescott’s housing plan ‘lacks

Source:- The Times Public Agenda Tuesday 8 February 2005
page 7

Labour’s migration squeeze targets unskilled

The government is to close the door on low-skilled migrants from
the developing world who come to Britain legally under existing
work permit schemes, Charles Clarke announced yesterday.

The measure is part of Labour’s five-year plan for
immigration and asylum, which includes a “points
system” for new migrants that critics fear will lead to a
“two-tier guest-worker” labour force.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 8 February 2005 page 1

Cell conditions ‘gross’ for 20 per cent

More than one in five prison inmates is kept in conditions that are
“nothing short of gross,” the head of the prison and
probation service said yesterday.

Martin Narey was testifying before the public inquiry into the
murder of teenage prisoner Zahid Mubarek.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 8 February 2005 page 8

Howard revives ‘prison works’ message

Michael Howard revived his ‘prison works’ message of
the 90s as he launched the Tories’ hardline sentencing
policies yesterday.

The proposals, which include mandatory minimum terms for burglars
and drug dealers convicted for a third time, would lengthen time
served by about a fifth and add 14,000 offenders to a prison
population already near its historical peak.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 8 February 2005 page

The mother suing the CSA in case that could cost

A mother of three is suing the Child Support Agency for
miscalculating maintenance payments owed by her former

Alison Davies is the first parent to challenge the agency through
the courts for negligence and lost income.

Source:- The Daily Mail Tuesday 8 February 2005 page

Scottish newspapers

Immigration U-turn rocks McConnell’s bid to attract ‘fresh talent’
into Scotland

The UK government’s aim to reduce the number of immigrants
allowed to stay in the country will hamper the Scottish
executive’s plans to attract more immigrants to boost the
economy and meet the fall in population.

The first minister has championed a series of initiatives to help
attract new, skilled migrants to Scotland.

Source:- The Scotsman Tuesday 8th February

Stop bidding war over immigration

Labour have been accused of starting an immigration ‘bidding war’
with the Tories to win votes.

Scottish National Party MPs and human rights groups said the
government’s plans to cut immigration were unpleasant.

Source:- Daily Record Tuesday 8th February

Welsh newspapers

‘Cardiff prison mad me a smack-head’

The introduction of a drug-testing regime at Cardiff prison nine
years ago has increased the drug abuse problem amongst prisoners,
it was claimed today.

An ex-prisoner from West Wales said that the mandatory drug-testing
is causing prisoners to move away from cannabis and towards heroin
because they are less likely to get caught.

The claims are made in tonight’s S4C current affairs
programme Y Byd ar Bedwar.

Source:- Western Mail February 8 Tuesday

Depression theory over stabbing

A man who stabbed his partner to death may have had severe
depression at the time due to his marriage breaking up, Cardiff
Crown Court heard yesterday.

Paul Viner stabbed himself in the stomach after attacking Donna

Consultant psychiatrist Philip Huckle told the court that
Viner’s self-injury was a “major suicide

Viner denies murder and wounding with intent but has pleaded guilty
to unlawful wounding.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 8 February

Call to cap council bills

A pensioner yesterday called on the public to oppose council tax

Brian Williams, 72, carried out an open-air protest meeting in
Cardiff to encourage people to stand up to proposed increases of at
least 6.4 per cent.

He was one of one hundred people invited onto a citizens’
forum by Cardiff Council to give their views on three options for
council tax rises.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 8 February



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