Prison officer denies Gladiator-style practice at Feltham

    A prison officer at Feltham Young Offender Institution today
    said she would be disgusted at the practice of deliberately placing
    unsuitable prisoners together in a cell after she was accused of
    placing a prisoner in “grave danger” by putting him in
    a cell with Robert Stewart, writes Clare

    Speaking at the inquiry into the death of Zahid Mubarek, Julie
    Goodman said she would feel “disgust” at the practice
    of placing unsuitable prisoners together in cells and denied ever
    having participated in such ‘Gladiator-style’

    Goodman was accused of abandoning “common sense” by
    the Mubarek family barrister when she placed another Asian cellmate
    in a cell with Robert Stewart two months before he went on to kill
    Mubarek in the cell they shared in March 2000.

    She had been warned that Stewart was dangerous and there was
    space in at least two other cells for the prisoner.

    The inquiry continues.

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