Thursday 10 February 2005

    By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Derren Hayes and Amy

    Fall in immigrants predicted after latest crackdown

    Tony Blair predicted yesterday that the number of migrants heading
    to Britain would drop as a result of the government’s
    overhaul of the immigration and asylum system.

    The Prime Minister’s forecasts contradicted the Home
    Secretary Charles Clarke, who said on Monday that the proposals
    were unlikely greatly to affect overall migrant numbers.

    Source:- The Independent Thursday 10 February 2005 page

    Huge increase in elderly prisoners

    Prisons are being used as “high-security nursing homes”
    for increasing numbers of older prisoners, the Howard League for
    Penal Reform said yesterday. In 1993 there were 450 prisoners aged
    60 and over but by 2003 the number was 1,441.

    Source:- The Independent Thursday 10 February 2005 page

    Mother says boy, 10, with Asbo is ‘cheeky’ and
    in bad company

    A boy aged 10 who terrorised his neighbours has become the youngest
    person in Britain to be issued with an antisocial behaviour order

    Ryan Wilkinson, from Harehill, Leeds, has been banned from four
    areas of the city and ordered to stay away from 17 named youths for
    the next five years. The boy was accused of burglary, assaulting a
    seven-year-old, glue-sniffing and throwing a scooter at a bus
    packed with schoolchildren.

    Source:- The Independent Thursday 10 February 2005 page

    UK targets child abuse in Asia

    The Foreign Office and UK police have begun a joint initiative to
    help south-east Asian countries combat the child sex trade, and to
    catch British paedophiles abroad.

    Source:- The Guardian Thursday 10 February 2005 page

    Lottery denies Samaritans ‘for neglecting

    The Samaritans may have to close a large branch after lottery
    organisers ruled that it was not helping enough
    “disadvantaged” people.
    The charity was told that an application for a £300,000 grant
    to the Big Lottery Fund was rejected because it was not targeting
    asylum-seekers, ethnic minority communities, the young and older

    Source:- The Times Thursday 10 February 2005 page 11

    Assurance on children’s files

    Government plans to keep a confidential electronic file on every
    child will not go ahead until ministers are confident that the IT
    system behind it is completely secure, children’s minister
    Margaret Hodge said yesterday.

    Source:- The Times Thursday 10 February 2005 page 29

    Focus on mentally ill and drug users

    The police need an effective early-warning system about mentally
    ill patients who could pose a risk to the public, Sir Ian Blair,
    the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner said yesterday. He said
    better communication with the NHS and new ways to ensure that
    potentially violent patients in the community are properly
    medicated would be a priority after a string of murders involving
    the mentally ill. Plans are also bring drawn up to deal with an
    epidemic of cocaine use.

    Source:- The Times Thursday 10 February 2005 page 31

    First hospital built under PFI “fantastic deal”
    for shareholders

    Dartford and Gravesend Hospital, the first to be built under the
    private finance initiative, has netted shareholders £37million
    within three years of its opening.

    The National Audit Office said the return was 60 per cent more than
    was originally expected.

    Source:- Financial Times Thursday February 10 page 2

    Whites “leaving cities as migrants move

    Increasing numbers of white people are moving out of the capital
    and growing numbers of overseas immigrants are moving in, according
    to Migrationwatch.

    The think-tank said 606,000 more people moved out of London than
    arrived from elsewhere in the country in the last 10 years. A net
    760,000 immigrants arrived in the same period.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday February 10 page

    Europe needs a lot more immigrants, says EU chief

    More immigration is needed to support an ageing population,
    European Commission labour and social affairs commissioner Vladimir
    Spidla said yesterday.

    The former Czech prime minister said within 20 years half the
    population of the EU would be over 55.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday February 10 page

    Ambushed: Howard spears Blair with proof that he backed the
    asylum policy he now mocks

    The Prime Minister revealed he had previously backed Conservative
    leader Michael Howard’s plan to process asylum applications
    at overseas centres.

    In a Commons debate Howard produced a letter written by Blair in
    2003 saying “transit processing centres” should be set
    up outside the EU.

    Source:- Daily Mail Thursday February 10 page 21

    Trickle” that became a torrent

    Over one million Eastern Europeans entered Britain in the first
    eight months following the EU’s expansion.

    The figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal 90,000
    of them said they wanted to remain in the country more than three

    Source:- Daily Mail Thursday February 10 page 21

    Scottish newspapers

    Executive plans to give police power to test suspects for

    The Scottish executive yesterday announced that thousands of
    criminal suspects will be subject to mandatory drug testing.

    Police will be given powers to impose drug tests on anyone over 16
    who is picked up for offences such as burglary and shop-lifting,
    where drugs can be a contributory factor.

    Source:- The Scotsman  Thursday 10 February

    Schools report big drop in bullying and racism

    Edinburgh’s schools have reported a fall in the number of
    incidents of bullying and racism.

    In the 2003-4 academic year there were 566 incidents of bullying in
    Edinburgh and 247 reports of racism compared to 710 reports of
    bullying and 291 incidents of racism in 1999-2000.

    Source:- The Scotsman  Thursday 10 February

    Nurse faces jail over ill treatment

    A nurse faces jail for forcing a young psychiatric autistic patient
    to sit unclothed in her own urine overnight.

    Aile Davidson refused to provide the 19-year-old with a change of
    nightwear or to let her return to her bed after she soiled

    The nurse admitted ill-treating the woman at the New Craigs
    Psychiatric Hospital in Inverness.

    Source:- The Herald  Thursday 10 February

    Welsh newspapers

    Murderer of girlfriend whose skirt was ‘too short’ gets

    A man who stabbed his girlfriend to death after she arrived home
    late from a night out while wearing a ‘too short’ skirt
    was jailed for life yesterday at Cardiff Crown Court.

    Paul Viner attacked Donna Brough at her home in Rhondda, South

    Mr Justice Roderick Evans recommended that Viner serves at least 12

    Source:- Western Mail Thursday 10 February

    So, what has your council ever done for you, then?

    Figures released yesterday show that social services accounted for
    18.8 per cent of Welsh council’s revenue in 2003/4.

    Housing took up 7.1 per cent and education used up the most at 36.6
    per cent. Councils in Wales are currently working out how much
    council tax to charge for the 2004/5 financial year. They will have
    to finalise the figure by the end of March.

    Source:- Western Mail Thursday 10 February

    Schools warned to update facilities

    School security arrangements are not good enough to prevent
    intruders from getting in, inspectors have warned.

    Schools argue that tight budgets mean sometimes they have to
    neglect security instead spending the money on educating

    In her annual report, Susan Lewis, chief inspector of schools for
    Wales, says that larger schools are particularly vulnerable.

    Source:- Western Mail Thursday 10 February

    AMs appalled by GDP figures for Wales

    The average Gross Domestic Product figure per head for the
    three-year period 2000-2002 for West Wales and the Valleys, a
    region covering two-thirds of Wales, was lower than that of
    Slovenia and Malta new figures reveal. The figure per head in the
    region is just 73.8 per cent of the EU average.

    Source:- Western Mail Thursday 10 February

    Plaid lay down gauntlet over future of Euro aid

    Adam Price, Plaid Cymru’s economy spokesperson, called on
    Rhodri Morgan to reveal his view on the future of European aid for
    Wales. The call comes after documents revealed that the Treasury
    refused a bid from Welsh Labour for £461m of Objective One
    match funding five years ago.

    Source:- Western Mail Thursday 10 February

    Hutt declares bid to halve child poverty

    The Welsh Assembly government is committed to halving child poverty
    by 2010 and eradicating it by 2020, the minister for children said

    Jane Hutt made the commitment to AMs while launching the
    government’s child poverty strategy.

    Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 9 February

    ‘Ruined’ teacher jailed for sex with teen

    A secondary school teacher was jailed for 20 months today after
    previously admitting to six counts of abusing his position of trust
    and one charge of sexual activity with a child.

    Prosecutor Tom Crowther told Cardiff Crown Court how David James
    from Cardiff carried out ‘inappropriate’ conduct with
    three girls aged around 16 and 17. He added that James’
    activities included photographing the girls topless at his home and
    using a webcam to send a naked picture of himself to them.

    Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 9 February


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