Kent Council wants reimbursing for asylum costs

    Kent Council has called on the government to repay them for
    costs incurred for asylum services, arguing that it is a national
    issue and should not be paid for by local tax-payers,
    writes Amy Taylor.

    The council claims that it is owed £14.8 million in back
    payments by the Home Office, some of which go back three years. It
    also believes that meetings with the government aimed at getting
    the money paid were getting nowhere.

    Leader of Kent Council, Sandy Bruce-Lockhart, said that the Home
    Office did not seem to know what was going on.

    “Kent Council has always maintained that this is a
    national issue and not one to be borne by local council taxpayers.
    Up to now the government has agreed this,” he added.

    A Home Office spokesperson said that Kent had told the
    government about problems around its funding of asylum seekers and
    that both parties were in discussions to try to sort them

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