Blair outlines Labour’s manifesto pledges

Tony Blair yesterday unveiled Labour’s six manifesto
pledges at the party’s spring conference in Gateshead,
writes Clare Jerrom.

Tony Blair

The prime minister said he had visited Sure Start centres across
the country and promised to create a Sure Start children’s
centre in every community and for every school age child up to
14-years-old to have access to out of school care and

Blair also pledged to build on existing measures designed to
tackle antisocial behaviour and make communities safer by
introducing local policing teams to crack down on graffiti, gangs
and drug-dealers.

“New powers will deal with antisocial behaviour and
alcohol-related violence including Drink Banning Orders, Alcohol
Disorder Zones and shutting pubs which sell to under-age
drinkers,” he told the conference.

Blair also outlined plans to combat asylum abuse and illegal

The six pledges are:-

• Your family better off: low inflation, and mortgages as
low as possible, more people off benefit and into work, a rising
minimum wage and more help for first-time buyers.

• Your child achieving more: modern schools for all,
strong discipline, and a guaranteed place in training, sixth-form
or an apprenticeship.

• Your children with the best start: more choice over
parental leave for mums and dads, more childcare for under-5s, and
after school care for over-5s.

• Your family treated better and faster; no one waiting
more than 18 weeks, guaranteed, for hospital treatment – with
choice over where and when – in an NHS free at the point of

• Your community safer: local policing teams, cracking
down on graffiti, gangs and drug-dealers.

• Your country’s borders protected: ID cards and
strict controls that work to combat asylum abuse and illegal

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