Howard outlines Tories plans for asylum and immigration

Michael Howard has revealed that a practical system of medical
checks for people coming to work in the UK would be introduced
under a Conservative government, writes Clare

The Tory party leader said the measures would be introduced to
reduce health risks in the Britain and safeguard access to the

“At the next election people will face a clear choice:
limited and controlled immigration under the Conservatives or
unlimited immigration under Blair,” said Howard.

Under the plans, those coming from outside the EU on a temporary
basis for over six months but less than 12 months from a high
incidence TB country would be required to undergo a chest X-ray
followed up by tests if necessary.

People coming from outside the EU to settle in Britain would
have to show they are unlikely to be a danger to public health in
the UK.

The medical check would include chest X-rays and tests for
hepatitis and HIV. If someone has TB they will be refused a visa
whereas other cases will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

The proposals will not affect asylum applicants’

Meanwhile, Tony Blair is expected to reiterate Labour’s
commitment to education this week as he steps up the party’s
manifesto campaign.

The government’s five-year plan for asylum and immigration
was outlined by home secretary Charles Clarke earlier this

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