Debate on community matrons

We asked:- Is the idea of community matrons a good

Here are the comments we received.

“Well I suppose we only have ourselves to blame for the
resurrection of the extinct and absurdist persona from many a
‘Carry On’ film. The jobsworth social workers I have
the doubtful pleasure too often of talking to on duty desks and the
Community OTs who in spite of being often the sole service
providers cannot and will not care manage- are largely behind, I
suspect, this woefully poorly advised government’s idea of
returning to the well worn cliche of the angelic nursing profession
riding to the rescue.

Other “drivers” are the current doctor shortage and their lack
of commitment to primary care – added to the total shock registered
in the department of health about the escalating costs of hospital

If nurses care to look at the history of social work since the
introduction of Community Care, they might be less willing to come
to the dance as sweethearts of policy makers who have tired of
their first love (us) and will if their track record is to be any
judge, abandon their next paramour (matrons) when the going gets

Mike Jubb
Pulmonary Hypertension Service
Hammersmith Hospital

“There will be much said, from all sides, about resources,
roles, responsibilities, opportunities etc in respect of this new

My concern is that this development diverts from the need for
Case Management to be rolled out to all health professionals, OTs,
hospital nurses, health visitors, physios etc, with the development
of joint/compatible information and communication systems and
business processes an integral support.

Until this happens, social work and health will not be prepared
to meet the needs of all clients/patients in the 21st

Mike Friel
Senior Social Worker


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