Just the job

What is the aim of your job?

To provide information, advice and support to parents of children
with special educational needs. We work with mainstream and special
schools. We’ve got a telephone advice service so that parents can
ring up with queries to do with their child’s special educational
needs. It could be about finding a school for the child or helping
them to fill in paperwork. We also do home visits.


What is an average day like?

I come in and pick up messages from the answer machine and deal
with e-mails – we liaise with other agencies such as social
services and other departments within the education system. Then I
may accompany parents to meetings at schools – perhaps where their
child has a placement or a school they may be considering for their
child. I will also spend time talking to parents on our


What is the best part of the job?

Helping people. Giving them the information that they need to be
able to make choices about their child’s education.


What is the worst part of the job?

There’s not enough time.


Who are the main people you come into contact

Parents, school staff, particularly head teachers and special
educational needs co-ordinators, staff in other sections of the
local education authority, and educational


What is your working background?

I was a mediator for a neighbour dispute service.


Do you have any specific



What personal qualities do you need?

People skills. You’ve got to like working with people and have good
communication skills.


What is your salary?

Between £15k and £20k.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of taking up
a similar role?

It can be hard work as the caseload is often heavy. But I find it
very rewarding.


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