Scottish executive backs £10m system

    The Scottish executive has denied claims that a £10m project
    to link up electronic social services and NHS records is on the
    point of being scrapped.

    Scottish ministers are considering a report from accountants KPMG
    that evaluates the business case for the eCare project to set up a
    computer records system that can be shared by health and social

    “There has been no decision to cancel the eCare programme in March
    or the foreseeable future,” a spokesperson for the executive said
    in response to media claims.

    She added that the executive had already established that data
    could be securely shared between the NHS and social services,
    electronic referrals could be made and data could be accessed from
    remote locations.

    Local authorities, which are part-funding the project, also
    expressed their backing.

    “The potential is huge, which is why councils have bought into
    this,” said a spokesperson for the Convention of Scottish Local
    Authorities. “Experience shows that record-sharing among agencies
    is an essential part of integrated service delivery.”

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