Monday 28 February 2005

    By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Amy Taylor and Derren

    Ministers launch inequality review

    A review to investigate “persistent discrimination and
    inequality in society” will be chaired by Trevor Phillips and
    will report to the prime minister by summer 2006.

    Source:- Financial Times Saturday February 26 2005 page

    In 2005 is there still such a thing as care in the

    John Barrett, a mentally-ill man, pleaded guilty to stabbing to
    death former banker Dennis Finnegan, 50, in a random attack in
    Richmond Park last September.

    In the 11 years between the death of Jonathan Zito and Finnegan up
    to 40 people a year have been killed by people with mental health

    Source:- The Independent Saturday February 26 2005 page

    “Heartbroken” couple jailed for son’s
    death set to appeal

    Just three weeks after Ian and Angela Gay were convicted of the
    manslaughter through salt poisoning of three-year-old Christopher
    Blewitt, doubts are being raised about the reliabilities of the

    Questions are being raised as to why the prosecution went ahead
    after two expert witnesses could not agree on the basic question of
    the level of salt in the body.

    Source:- The Independent Saturday February 26 2005 page

    Asbo bars woman from suicide sites

    A 23-year-old woman has been barred by an anti-social behaviour
    order from rivers, multi-storey car parks, train tracks and bridges
    after police complained about repeated attempts to take her own

    Source:- The Independent Saturday February 26 2005 page

    Radical Christians to target abortion clinics

    A militant evangelical Christian group plans to target pregnant
    women and medical staff at abortion clinics.

    Stephen Green, head of Christian Voice which came to notoriety with
    its campaign against Jerry Springer – The Opera, said
    abortion centres should be shut down.

    Source:- The Times Saturday February 26 2005 page 1

    Teenager wrote rap lyric after he shot man in the

    A teenage gunman who celebrated shooting and crippling a father of
    three by writing a rap lyric was jailed for 25 years.

    David Gaynor, then 19, was summoned by a street gang to punish
    Douglas Mullands who had dared to stand up to them.

    Source:- The Times Saturday February 26 2005 page 9

    Minimum wage to top £5 an hour

    The minimum wage will go up from £4.85 to £5.05 and then
    rise to £5.35 a year later, according to figures
    “provisionally” accepted by the government.

    Source:- The Times Saturday February 26 2005 page 18

    Salt-overdose boy failed by police and hospital staff

    The police, a hospital and child protection services yesterday
    admitted that they failed a nine-year-old boy who was killed by his
    mother with a salt overdose.

    Havering Area Child Protection Committee said it had made a serious
    mistake by not completing an assessment of the boy. His mother was
    jailed for five years after being found guilty of

    Source:- The Times Saturday February 26 2005 page 27

    Victim sues council for replacing a happy childhood with
    years of anguish

    Sherena Mason, a black woman who says her life fell apart after she
    was removed from her white foster family is suing Hackney Council
    in east London for more than £300,000 for its neglect of its
    duty to care for her.

    Source:- The Mail on Sunday Sunday February 27 2005 pages

    Asylum group loses lottery funds in fake ID probe

    The Charity Commission is investigating allegations against the
    head of the Detainee Support & Help Unit, a London-based
    charity for selling fake passports. Comfort Afolabi, the
    charity’s head, denied the allegations.

    Source:- The Sunday Times Sunday February 27 2005 page

    Huge rise in maternity costs attacked by businesses

    Tony Blair will announce today that millions of parents with
    school-age children could soon have the same right to part-time
    work as families with infants. The “right to request”
    would also be extended to 1.8 million women who look after sick or
    disabled relatives.

    Source:- The Times Monday 28 February 2005 page 1

    Safe havens sought for child runaways

    Children who run away from home are being forced into crime, drugs
    and prostitution, according to research to be published this week.
    The Children’s Society’s report says that many runaways
    – some aged under 10 – simply “disappear off the
    radar” of social services and other bodies.

    Source:- The Guardian Monday 28 February 2005 page 8

    Reid orders review of Mental Health Bill after knife

    John Reid, the health secretary, has ordered a review of proposed
    changes to the law covering mental patients after the case of John
    Barrett, the paranoid schizophrenic who released himself from care
    and stabbed a banker to death in a London park. Changes to the
    draft Mental Health Bill could be introduced to give doctors
    greater powers to detain patients such as Barrett who volunteer for
    treatment for mental illness and then discharge themselves. Reid
    told BBC1’s The Politics Show that he wanted an independent
    inquiry to look at the “national implications” of the

    Source:- The Independent Monday 28 February 2005 page

    Amnesty calls for UK drive to defeat domestic

    A report by Amnesty International and the Women’s
    Commission reveals that women suffering from domestic violence,
    forced marriages, rape, honour crimes and human trafficking cannot
    always be provided with a safe refuge despite their often desperate

    Source:- The Independent Monday 28 February 2005 page

    Public sector pay for women “a problem”

    Baroness Prosser, head of the Women and Work Commission, has
    complained about the underpayment of women in the public

    Source:- Financial Times Monday February 28 2005 page

    Charity faces “fake passport” inquiries

    Allegations that the head of a charity that helps asylum seekers
    assisted an undercover reporter to obtain a false passport are
    being examined by the Charity Commission and the Big Lottery

    The Fund said it had frozen its grant to the south London-based
    Detainee Support and Help Unit pending inquiries.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Monday February 28 2005 page

    Cannabis wrecks children’s minds

    Soaring cannabis use among young teenagers could be cause long-term
    mental health problems, experts have warned.

    Research shows that those who smoke the drug regularly at 15 are
    4.5 times more likely to suffer serious mental health problems by
    their mid-20s.

    Source:- Daily Mail Monday February 28 2005 page 6

    Children of only three to be given drug lessons

    Children as young as three are to be given drug education lessons
    at Heathbrook Primary School in Lambeth.

    The borough says the school is working within government guidelines
    which encourage health education policies.

    Source:- Daily Mail Monday February 28 2005 page 33

    Scottish newspapers

    Councils yet to issue ASBO to under-16 in ‘neds crackdown’

    The Scottish executive has admitted that no councils have issued
    anti-social behaviour orders to children aged under-16 who take
    part in youth crime. Councils were given the power to hand out
    Asbos to children committing nuisance crimes four months ago but
    councils are failing to use them.

    Source:- Scotland on Sunday Sunday 28 February

    Refugee training scheme turns out workers for skilled

    Workers from Somalia, Ukraine, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe have
    completed one of Scotland’s first vocational projects for
    refugees. The jobs training scheme in Glasgow is designed to help
    people fleeing religious or political persecution learn skills to
    work in the city. The city council’s training division assesses the
    refugees, many of whom are skilled workers in their own countries,
    and gives them the necessary skills to meet British professional

    Source:- The Herald Monday 28 February

    Alcohol abuse puts 1,100 young drinkers in hospital

    More than 1,100 young people under the legal drinking age were
    admitted to hospital last year with a drink–related
    condition. The Herald reports that the figures reveal, for the
    first time, the number of under-18s across Scotland whose drinking
    is so serious they have been admitted to hospital after attending
    accident and emergency departments. However, medical professionals
    warned this was just the tip of the iceberg, as there is no
    national system which records the number of drunken young people
    arriving in casualty rooms.

    Source:- The Herald Monday 28 February

    Welsh newspapers

    Girl’s death a ‘protest’ overdose

    A girl died after taking an overdose because of her mother’s
    drinking, an inquest heard.

    Hannah Parkin, 13, became upset after her mother was hungover the
    afternoon after a night out.

    Her mother Claire Crookdale has a history of drink problems.

    Source:- Western Mail Saturday 26 February

    Teacher admits porn charges

    A teacher has pleaded guilty to 16 offences of possessing child
    porn and three of making indecent images.

    David Gwyn Edwards’ pleas were accepted. He had been charged
    with a further 20 offences of possessing indecent photographs of
    children and attempting to possess them but these will now not be
    proceeded with.

    Source:- Western Mail Saturday 26 February

    PM backs head’s comments on problem pupils

    The prime minister has given his support to a Welsh head
    teacher’s comments that teachers’ authority is being
    eroded by parents who side with their misbehaved children.

    The prime minister said parents should support teachers who keep
    their children in line. Headteacher Chris Howard welcomed the prime
    ministers’ statement.

    Source:- Western Mail Saturday 26 February

    ‘High’ school report

    Only one out of Wales’ 22 Local Education Authorities are in
    favour of random drug stop checks on pupils, a Wales on Sunday
    survey has found.

    Newport Council was the only LEA to support such checks.

    Source:- Wales on Sunday Sunday 27 February

    Charity gran’s airport arrest

    A grandma has been questioned by police in connection with
    allegedly missing funds from a charity to help sick babies which
    she set up.

    Angela Whitehead, from Llanon, near Aberystworth, was arrested
    after flying back into Britain last week. She set up The Little
    Sunbeams appeal in 2003 after her daughter gave birth prematurely
    in 2003. The police are still looking for her partner Craig

    Source:- Wales on Sunday Sunday 27 February

    Wales ‘may lose billions in aid’

    Deprived parts of Wales could lose out on billions of pounds of EU
    objective one funding, Plaid Cymru has warned.

    Figures released earlier this year show that West Wales and the
    Valleys have less than 75 per cent of the average EU income per
    head during 2000 to 2002 and therefore should qualify for the
    highest level of European aid for a second time.

    But Plaid Cymru are concerned that the government won’t push
    the EU to decide on whether Wales should get the money before new
    figures come out in December and as a result the country could miss
    out on billions of pounds.

    Source:- Wales on Sunday Sunday 27 February


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