Tuesday 1 March 2005

    By Simeon Brody, Maria Ahmed, Amy Taylor and Derren

    Drunk father “smothered sick son in mercy

    A former soldier denied murdering his terminally-ill 10-year-old
    son after smothering him with a pillow, a court heard

    Andrew Wragg, from Wimbledon, killed his son Jacob, who had the
    degenerative condition Hunter syndrome, when he was more than three
    and a half times the legal limit for driving and admits
    manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

    Source:- The Independent Tuesday 1 March page 8

    Behaviour worst in citizenship classes

    Children are most likely to disrupt lessons when they are being
    taught citizenship, religious education and modern languages,
    according to Ofsted.

    Source:- The Independent Tuesday 1 March page 12

    Electronic patient record delayed by tests

    A computer programme that will allow an electronic patient record
    to be built for the NHS has slipped behind schedule by six to nine

    The delay, which will hit more than 100 hospitals and thousands of
    doctors’ practices, is because software developer IDX decided
    more testing time was needed.

    Source:- Financial Times Tuesday 1 March page 2

    Prescription change to speed treatment

    Nurses and pharmacists will be able to prescribe a wider range of
    drugs as part of plans to speed up patients’ treatment.

    The government has proposed providing extra training to pharmacists
    and allowing nurses to prescribe for long-term conditions.

    Source:- Financial Times Tuesday 1 March page 4,

    They made a nonsense of Commons security and fools of the
    Palace guards… now they’ve done it again in the
    PM’s front yard!

    Father 4 Justice staged a demonstration near Downing Street, with
    three men climbing onto the Foreign Office building.

    Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 1 March page 9

    Only 21 EU newcomers claim dole

    Only 21 immigrants from Eastern Europe have signed on the dole
    since May, Home Office figures reveal.

    The small number claiming benefits suggests the opening of the
    borders last year attracted ambitious young people.

    Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 1 March page 22

    MRSA bug that could be lurking in your gym

    At least 100 people have contracted a strain of the MRSA superbug
    in gyms and health clubs, according to public health experts.

    CA-MRSA is normally spread through contact with those with cuts and
    abrasions and has been found in communal changing areas.

    Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 1 March page 41

    Challenging behaviour a problem in schools

    Ofsted has found an increase in children misbehaving in
    schools because of medical conditions, particularly autistic
    spectrum disorder. They found children with special educational
    needs made up a third of disruptive pupils, according a report
    published today.

    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 1 March 2005 page

    Drug alert

    The government’s drug watchdog is to recommend that four
    drugs for Alzheimer’s disease should not be prescribed on the
    NHS. In draft guidance expected to be issued today, the National
    Institute for Clinical Excellence will say that the cost of
    rivastigimine (Exelon), donepizil (Aricept), galatamine (Reminyl)
    and memantine (Ebixa) falls below the cost-effectiveness threshold
    measured in quality of life.

    Source:- The Times Tuesday 1 March 2005 page 4

    Reckless abandon

    Many autistic pupils are being thwarted by a lack of understanding
    and hard cash. So it’s not surprising that mothers are
    prepared to accost the prime minister.

    Source: – Education Guardian Tuesday March 1 2005 pages

    Scottish newspapers

    Council ‘alienating ethnic minorities’

    A Mori survey of people of Pakistani, Chinese, Middle Eastern,
    Indian and African origin living in Glasgow Council found they felt
    alienated and overlooked. The survey revealed that some respondents
    from the various ethnic groups said council staff were
    condescending and did not have enough sensitivity about cultural
    differences. The study also found that black Africans were
    sometimes labelled “aggressive” by staff merely because they talk
    more loudly than indigenous Scots.

    Source:- The Herald Tuesday 1 March

    Welsh newspapers

    Wales is ‘obsessed with health’

    The poor performance of the national health service is people in
    Wales’ number one concern, according to a new survey.

    An ICM poll carried out for a special BBC Wales TV programme on
    tonight found that health is the most important single issue that
    will determine the way people vote. 22 per cent gave health as
    their number one issue while eight per cent gave asylum and

    Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 1 March


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