Debate on child poverty

We asked:- Should Labour increase taxes on income to
raise more children out of poverty?

Here are some of the comments we received:-

“This is not an easy question to answer because one has to
take into consideration those people who are on a low wage. I am
not sure how this problem is going to be solved, however what the
government could consider, is taxing those individuals that earn
more money.”

G Gordon

“If income taxes are raised, then it should be on the upper
higher earners. People on lower incomes would suffer twice as much
if taxed at a higher rate.

Poverty will only be eradicated when our government acknowledge
that poverty in this country is far worse than they would have the
general public believe and that people on lower incomes (and I am
talking about those who earn less than £150.00 per week) are
not always eligible for help with rent etc as they may be earning
“too much”.

This means that perhaps they are earning as little as 20 pence
over the government’s limits for benefit help. A family may
only be ‘getting by’ on £200.00 a week and still not be able
to afford many of life’s essentials e.g. good healthy food for
their children.

They will buy the cheaper less healthy foods mainly because that
is all they can afford and they know their children will eat that
sort of food. There are still many children out there who do not
know what a good meal is.

Will the higher taxes REALLY be used to feed them?”

M. Logan
2nd. Year student social worker

“I have heard about the Labour party suggesting that they
would like to increase our tax rates to help children in

Helping children in poverty is a very good idea but I do not
agree that this money should come from our tax, especially as by
increasing it, we are paying too much as it is.”

Syrina Salam

“Of course the wealthy should pay more taxes to help lift
children out of poverty. It was once axiomatic that those with the
broadest shoulders bear the heaviest load; and it a pity that this
government has chosen the path that it has. A certain timidity and
lack of conviction has prevailed, and whilst those at the top are
wealthier than ever, those at the ‘bottom’ are either standing
still or worse off than before.”
Kevin Barry  

“Yes they should raise taxes to help the children because the
long-term cost to help these kids is costing us more! We should not
have the situation in this day and age where kids are suffering
because they go on to become adults with the same

Mick Davies




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