Monday 7 March 2005

    By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Derren Hayes and Amy

    Why are more operations being cancelled despite more cash?

    For all the extra funds pumped into the NHS the number of patients
    treated has not risen so sharply partly because medical costs rise
    far faster than inflation.

    Money has also been spent enforcing the European working directive
    which prevents doctors working excessive hours.

    Source:- The Guardian Saturday 5 March 2005 page 5

    Kelly jeered at heads’ conference

    Education secretary Ruth Kelly was accused of patronising
    head-teachers and jeered during a speech at the Secondary Heads
    Association conference.

    Head-teachers demanded to know where the money would come from to
    pay for the government’s plans to involve parents more and
    teach in smaller classes.

    Source:- The Guardian Saturday 5 March 2005 page 7

    Man held after death of toddler shot with airgun

    A two-year-old boy who was shot in the head with an airgun pellet
    as he watched firefighters tackle a blaze near his Glasgow home has

    A 27-year-old man was arrested and will appear in court on

    Source:- The Guardian Saturday 5 March 2005 page 8

    Police discipline 12 after racism expose

    Twelve police officers will be disciplined following the BBC Secret
    Policeman documentary that exposed racism among recruits.

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission said four officers who
    train recruits would receive written warnings, while seven
    constables and a sergeant would receive formal advice from a senior

    Source:- The Guardian Saturday 5 March 2005 page 12

    Distress of 70,000 children who must make do with second

    Parents of more than 70,000 children are being told they will not
    get places at their chosen secondary school.

    At least a third of families in some local education authorities
    have failed to get places at their preferred schools, according to
    the survey by The Times.

    Source:- The Times Saturday 5 March 2005 page 4

    Advice on drugs

    Mothers are twice as likely to seek information about drugs as
    fathers before speaking to their children, according to the
    government-funded Frank campaign.

    Source:- The Times Saturday 5 March 2005 page 4

    Parole ruling

    Four men originally sentenced to life imprisonment can apply for
    parole after nine to 12 years because a stabbing attack was
    “not racially motivated”.

    The men from Beeston, Leeds, were convicted of the murder of Tyrone
    Clarke, 16.

    Source:- The Times Saturday 5 March 2005 page 8

    Drugs lottery than means some pay twice as much for vital

    Some chemists are charging hundreds of pounds more than others for
    prescription drugs that patients cannot get on the NHS, research
    has found.

    Source:- The Times Saturday 5 March 2005 page 11

    Jail “gladiator” claim denied

    A prison officer accused of instigating a “gladiator”
    game which led to the killing of Zahid Mubarek said he had been the
    victim of a smear campaign.

    Nigel Herring said he had not heard until years later of hostile
    prisoners being put in a cell and encouraged to fight.

    Source:- The Times Saturday 5 March 2005 page 13

    Driven to apply ASBO sentence

    A man who has received 70 motoring convictions was given an
    anti-social behaviour order preventing him from driving while
    disqualified by a court in Harrogate.

    Source:- The Times Saturday 5 March 2005 page 13

    Toddler who spent three days by dead father “fit and

    A boy of three who spend three days alone in a flat with his
    father’s dead body was as fit and healthy as could be
    expected, his family and police said.

    Abraham Marshall, now an orphan, is to be brought up by his
    grandmother after his father was found battered to death in
    Source:- The Daily Telegraph Saturday 5 March 2005 page

    The dentist’s tale

    The NHS is short of dentists and Souad Gasmi is a dentist but she
    is also an asylum seeker so instead of paying tax she receives

    Source:- The Independent Saturday 5 March 2005 page

    How children pay the price when their mothers are

    Almost 17,000 children are forced to leave their homes each year
    when their mothers are sent to prison.

    Almost half of women in jail lose all contact with their families
    and a third lose their homes and possessions, according to Liberal
    Democrat research.

    Source:- The Independent Saturday 5 March 2005 page

    New probe into asylum staff

    Staff at Global Solutions, a contractor responsible for the
    detention and transport of asylum seekers, is to be investigated by
    the prisons and probation ombudsman.

    The move comes after internal inquiries were launched into
    allegations of racism at Oakington detention centre near

    Source:- Financial Times Saturday 5 March 2005 page

    Keep wards small “to stop spread of MRSA”

    Patients and doctors must be prevented from moving around hospitals
    if the NHS is to halt MRSA, according to experts.

    Source:- Daily Mail Saturday 5 March 2005 page 34

    Tests to weed out the racist police recruits

    Police recruits are likely to face personality tests to make sure
    racists or those with “unacceptable” traits are weeded

    Source:- Daily Mail Saturday 5 March 2005 page 37

    Top hospital forced to turn away ill children

    Great Ormond Street Hospital in London has had to close up to
    one-fifth of its beds, cancel operations and turn away dozens of
    critically ill children because it faces severe financial

    Source:- The Observer Sunday 6 March 2005 page 1

    We’ll go abroad if Lords rule ‘no,’ say
    gene baby couple

    Shahana and Raj Hashmim, parents trying to have a
    ‘genetically selected’ baby to help save the life of
    one of their sick children, have warned they will appeal to the
    European Court of Human Rights if the House of Lords this week bans
    the creation of ‘saviour siblings.’

    Source:- The Observer Sunday 6 March 2005 page 2

    Tramp says no to £2m

    A homeless man who won the right to claim a £2 million plot of
    land after squatting there for nearly 20 years today said he had no
    intention of doing so.

    Harry Hallowes, 68, has occupied the secluded spot on the edge of
    London’s Hampstead Heath since 1987. Hallowes said he valued
    his natural surroundings more than any material benefit they

    Source:- The Observer Sunday 6 March 2005 page 4

    Childcare shake-up will send men into the nursery

    The government is to break open the female-dominated world of
    childcare by encouraging men to work as childminders.

    Source:- The Observer Sunday 6 March 2005 page 7

    Warning on ‘rationed’ contraception

    Women are being denied the contraception of their choice
    because of NHS ‘rationing,’ family planning experts
    warn today.

    Source:- The Observer Sunday 6 March 2005 page 13

    Boarding school planned for troubled pupils

    Troubled teenagers will be sent to a prestigious new breed of
    state-sponsored boarding schools under government plans to rescue
    inner-city education.

    Source:- The Independent on Sunday Sunday 6 March 2005
    page 7

    Children will be given classes on how to be

    Primary school children are to be taught how to make friends,
    resolve squabbles and “manage their anger” in a
    £10 million scheme aimed at improving their social

    Source:- The Sunday Telegraph Sunday 6 March 2005 page

    Elderly urged to target MPs over move to ban free Alzheimer

    Source:- The Daily Mail Monday 7 March 2005 page 20

    Black absentee fathers should lose rights, says head of
    race watchdog

    Black absent fathers who fail to support their sons should be
    denied “automatic” contact with them, according to
    Commission for Racial Equality head Trevor Phillips. He also
    suggested that black boys failing to thrive in particular subjects
    might be taught in separate classes from their white

    Source:- The Guardian Monday 7 March 2005 page 3

    Teenage gangs use Islam to intimidate victims

    Teenage criminal gangs in south London are calling themselves the
    Muslim Boys and claiming to espouse Islam in an attempt to gain
    street credibility and trade on false perceptions about links to
    terrorists. Community leaders are worried about escalating violence
    and the number of young with access to high-calibre guns. Met
    police chiefs and Muslim leaders say the youths have no genuine
    Islamic affiliations.

    Source:- The Guardian Monday 7 March 2005 page 4

    Report reveals “hierarchy of hate”

    New figures show that there was an average of 53 racist crimes a
    day recorded by police in London last year. Of these, 32% were
    against people of African and Caribbean origin, 30% were against
    Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, and 22% were against white

    Source:- The Guardian Monday 7 March 2005 page 8

    Scottish newspapers

    Care worker pleads guilty to having sex with girl, 15

    A man who works with homeless people had sex with an underage girl
    after telling her she could stay in his flat for the night.

    The High Court in Edinburgh heard how Dale Benam had taken the
    schoolgirl to his flat after meeting her near the Water of

    Police were called in after the girl began texting her friends the
    following day to tell them what had happened, the court

    Source:- The Scotsman Saturday 5 March

    Calls for airgun crackdown as boy dies

    Politicians, police and campaigners have demanded a review of
    airgun ownership laws following the death of two-year-old Andrew
    Morton on Friday.

    Morton died in hospital after being hit in the head with an airgun
    pellet on Wednesday evening in Glasgow’s Easterhouse

    Cathy Jamieson, the justice minister, told the Scottish Labour
    Party conference she was treating the incident “very seriously” and
    said she was consulting the Home Office over whether any effective
    measures could be taken.

    A 27-year-old man has been arrested and charged in connection with
    the incident.

    Source:- The Scotsman Saturday 5 March

    First minister vows to get tough on sex offenders

    First minister Jack McConnell has promised that sex offenders
    serving short sentences will no longer be released into the
    community without meeting tough new conditions.

    He told the Scottish Labour conference in Dundee that people
    convicted of offences such as indecent exposure would be subject to
    tagging and curfews before being set free. The measures are aimed
    at sex offenders serving four years or less who are automatically
    released at the half-way point of their sentence.

    Source:- Sunday Herald Sunday 6 March

    Drugs workers form alliance to challenge UN’s
    adoption of zero-tolerance drug policy

    A leading Scottish drugs professional is to challenge the adoption
    of zero-tolerance drugs policies by the United Nations at an
    international drugs conference in Vienna this week.

    David Liddell, director of the Scottish Drugs Forum and chair of
    ERIT, a European body working in the field of drug abuse, believes
    the UN’s increasing embrace of abstinence programmes for drug
    addicts is threatening harm reduction programmes in Scotland and

    Source:- Sunday Herald Sunday 6 March

    Amnesty and Sunday Herald launch asylum report

    The Sunday Herald and Amnesty International Scotland have
    launched a competition to raise awareness of issues of
    Students are being invited to submit an article on the themes of
    asylum and persecution.

    The best will be published on June 19, at the beginning of Refugee
    Week. The competition aims to promote accurate and balanced
    reporting of asylum, and will reward creative and innovative
    approaches to the subject. Articles should be between 1500 and 2000
    words and the deadline for all entries is Friday, May 20.

    Source:- Sunday Herald Sunday 6 March

    Welsh newspapers

    Mum’s vision after tragic blaze kills family

    A woman whose family died and home burnt down in a blaze started by
    her schizophrenic son has said that she plans to make the remains
    of the building into a holiday home for people with mental health

    Fay Latham has been told that her insurers Legal and General will
    pay for her home in the hills above Port Talbot to be

    Source:- Western Mail Saturday 5 March

    How to cut jail drug abuse – move the yard

    A large reduction in the level of drug taking among inmates at
    Cardiff prison is partly due to moving the prisoners’
    exercise yard away from an outside wall it has been revealed.

    Friends used to throw drugs over the wall for prisoners. Since just
    before Christmas the yard has been moved to out of range of the

    Source:- Western Mail Saturday 5 March

    Drugs bust boy facing ban

    A teenage boy who was suspended from a Welsh school accused of
    handing cannabis to his friends could be banned from all state
    schools in Wales.

    The boy could face the ban if he is prosecuted by police for giving
    cannabis resin to other pupils.

    He was suspended from Cowbridge Comprehensive.

    Source:- Wales on Sunday Sunday 6 March



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