New Anti-terror laws spark more prejudice

    A petition of a thousand names has been published in The
    Independent, charging the government with literally taking
    liberties. The home secretary Charles Clarke is proposing new laws
    including house arrest on evidence untested in court and not even
    revealed to the individual who will lose his or her freedom.

    Hazel Blears, the Home Office minister has also said Muslims
    should accept that they will be targeted by police. She is
    presumably working on the assumption that a brown skin implies an
    affiliation to Islam.
    The petition calls, among other measures, for an end to detention
    without trial and “recognition that human rights must not and need
    not be sacrificed for effective security”.

    An admirable sentiment but human rights have already been
    sacrificed. A BBC investigation of Oakington Immigration Reception
    Centre near Cambridge, run by Global Solutions Limited, which was
    shown last week, illustrated what happens when political rhetoric
    and propaganda is swallowed wholesale by the sadistic and

    The two undercover reporters Simon Boazman and Andy Pagnacco
    said most of the officers tried to treat detainees with respect but
    a significant minority were racist and violent.

    Fifteen members of staff have now been removed from the front
    line while an inquiry takes place. They should have been sacked and
    prosecuted since, arguably, sufficient evidence already exists on
    film, to merit charges of sexual and physical assault.

    One Global Solutions employee, Jason “Wolfie” Martin, was filmed
    shouting abuse at a detainee whose mental health was giving cause
    for concern, before tipping him out of bed. Another officer
    boasted. “I’ve smacked them in their faces when no one’s looking.
    I’ve busted noses.”

    A union official said he knew his members were guilty but he
    made sure they were cleared when a complaint was made. Staff
    explained rhyming slang such as “Knives and forks and spoons equals
    coons”, and acronyms such as “TGBs for thieving gypsy

    Young men from Eastern Europe were locked in the secure unit on
    invented charges where they were even more vulnerable to attack.
    Children were denied proper social services assessments and
    suffered from a range of ailments including diarrhoea.

    We should back Liberty and every other campaigning group
    prepared to offer resistance to anti-terror legislation that will
    give further endorsement to what is already utterly inhuman.


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