The Big Question

    Joan Scott

    Action Unlimited

    Children certainly need a champion. It needs someone to make
    sure that children are not being abused, either in children’s homes
    or in their own homes. Someone strong is required to check what’s
    going on, so if children need help they can get it. It’s got to be
    someone they can trust. Let’s hope Aynsley-Green is the right man
    for this job.

    Len Smith

    Gypsy Activist

    Aynsley-Green’s appointment is one that you hope will make a
    real difference and deserves support. On my own agenda, I hope that
    the new “champion” will also look at the deprivation suffered by
    gypsy and traveller children, who currently receive little access
    to education, health and welfare services, due to lack of site

    Karen Shook

    Disability Equality Adviser

    The commissioner has much experience in the area of children’s
    welfare. But it is hard to judge how much real power to enforce
    change this post will bring. Let’s hope that Aynsley-Green can
    change some children’s lives for the better and not just make
    futile recommendations that are never taken up.

    Kierra Box

    Young People’s Activist

    I’m sure that his experience and enthusiasm will count for a
    lot. But it saddens me that such an important advocate for young
    people will come from a civil service post rather than from direct
    work with young people, and I wonder why a champion for young
    people could not be themselves be a young person.

    nd I wonder why a champion for young people could not be
    themselves a young person.

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