Asylum costs olive branch is rejected

    Kent Council rejected a government deal last week and is pushing
    ahead with plans to go to court to win full reimbursement for
    asylum services costs.

    The government offered to pay £7.1m of the £14.8m in back
    payments the council claims it is owed by the Home Office last week
    – but only on the condition that the council dropped its plans for
    legal action. The council rejected the deal.

    Nick Chard, Kent’s cabinet member for finance, said that some of
    the back payments went back three years. The council claims that
    costs incurred for asylum services are a national issue and should
    not be paid for by local taxpayers.

    A Home Office spokesperson said that work was being done to work
    out “outstanding discrepancies” and that the government hoped to
    resolve the outstanding claim soon.

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