Top band of RNCC could be abolished

The top band of the registered nursing care contribution could
be abolished as part of government plans to introduce a national
framework for NHS continuing care, writes Mithran

In evidence to the health committee continuing care inquiry,
health minister Stephen Ladyman admitted there was confusion
between the two systems which the national framework had to

He said: “If we find a way that’s financially
sustainable then I’m not going to take [abolition of the high
band of RNCC] off the table.”

But he said it could take up to a year to devise the proposed
continuing care framework.

RNCC is supposed to cover the nursing costs of people who are
ineligible for free continuing care, because they do not have a
primary health need.

However, the health ombudsman has said that people with
significant health needs have not been assessed for continuing care
and given the far cheaper top band of RNCC instead.

Ladyman’s move was welcomed by the ombudsman’s head
of continuing care Colin Houghton, who also appeared before the
committee today.

However, he warned it needed quick resolution, adding: “We
get a lot of complaints on this issue.”

Ombudsman Ann Abraham, who was also due to give evidence today,
was unable to attend the session.

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