The Big Question

Len Smith

Gypsy activist

New sites will eliminate the shortage of authorised pitches created
by the Tories when they repealed the Caravan Sites Act 1968. That
led to the problems of retrospective planning applications and
other unauthorised encampments. All this plan is doing is getting
tough on councils which have failed in their duty for the past 11


Angie Lawrence

Single mother

If councils have to make provision it may eliminate the problem of
families having nowhere to go. It should also reduce tensions that
arise with neighbouring communities where inappropriate sites are
used. Perhaps provision of proper sites will help travellers to
become less marginalised in society.


Kerry Evans

Parent of two severely autistic sons

Having a permanent base will make it easier for children to access
education and health care. Contributing to the cost of land is
fair, but there should be service charges for rubbish collection
and upkeep. When I take the family caravan to a site I have to pay
site costs on top of council tax.


Shaun Webster

Change self-advocacy group

This is good because, if other people don’t like the fact
that travellers are living locally, they can’t do anything
about it if they are setting up camps legally. It will stop people
having a go at them. There are a lot of people about who
don’t like others who are different. This is a chance for
travellers to be treated as equals.


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