Book review: Diversity and Rights in Care

Neil Moonie et al, Care management series, Heinemann,

ISBN 0435401262, £17.99


The interaction between the social worker and service user is
explored here, and the empowerment that occurs when diversity is
respected, writes Joy Bounds.

The authors examine how people construct their identity and the
support the worker can give to this by listening to each individual
story, avoiding discriminatory assumptions.

There is extensive, interesting underpinning from narrative theory.
I was less sure about the sections on rights, social policy
conflicts and ethical dilemmas. But, although thought-provoking and
informative, I did wonder whether there weren’t two books

A “student book” with a relationship to NVQs, the book’s complexity
is offset by the clear layout, including boxed case studies,
pictures and summaries.

Joy Bounds was a social care services manager until

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