Book review: The RHP Companion to Youth Justice

Edited by Tim Bateman and John Pitts, Russell House

ISBN 1903855497, £29.95


If you are looking for a “companion” that provides knowledge,
debate, common sense, principles and guidance on good practice in
youth justice, then this is it.

Its 39 chapters, each of which discusses a different topic in
youth justice, can be read alone for those readers seeking a quick
reference or piece of guidance. It is easy to read and understand,
even for those who are not specialists in the field.

The format makes it easy to find one’s way around and the key
points at the beginning of each chapter help those in a hurry,
while the further reading assists those who wish to take the topic
further. It should become a key resource for the professional and
the student.

John Whitfield is a lecturer in social work, University of

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