Wednesday 6 March 2005

By Simeon Brody, Maria Ahmed, Sally Gillen and Derren

Tories promise contracts for schools and parents

A Conservative government would give head teachers the power to
require parents to sign binding contracts with schools.

The contracts will include the expectation that pupils arrive
punctually and complete homework.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 6 April 2005 page

NHS team wins back £30,000 from cheat

An Egyptian businessman who cheated the NHS out of £30,000 for
treatment has agreed to pay the money back in the first case of
health tourism to be prosecuted by the health service. Six other
cases are being considered.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 6 April 2005 page

Mother’s anger as gun youth goes free

The mother of a six-year-old boy who was shot in the head as he
played in his garden has criticised a judge for failing to jail the
teenage gunman.

Tony Kimmance, 18, already had a conviction for assault, but was
sentenced to a two-year community rehabilitation order at Burnley
Crown Court.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 6 April 2005 page

Anti-terror laws “hurt race relations”

The government’s anti-terrorist strategy has contributed to a
deterioration of community relations with a particularly negative
impact on Muslims according to a report by the Commons home affairs

The committee said the government had not done enough to explain
its response to terrorism to local communities.

Source:- Financial Times Wednesday 6 April 2005 page

The £1m migrant launderer

An immigration lawyer faces jail after admitting he helped Romanian
criminals to enter Britain illegally in a £1 million visa

Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday 6 April 2005 page 10

Two loving parents are more important than good

Parents are up to six times more important to academic success than
the teaching they receive in school, research by Exeter University

Help with learning at home is the biggest single factor in academic
achievement, the report finds.

Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday 6 April 2005 page 25

Body lay in flat for six years

A local authority apologised yesterday after the body of a
63-year-old lay undiscovered in a council flat for almost six
years. An inquest was told that Kenneth Mann was found dead in his
home in Walsall, West Midlands, last June when a neighbour’s
grandson forced an entry to flat. Robin Balmain, the coroner,
recorded a verdict of death by natural causes expressed his sadness
at such a thing happening in the 21st century.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 6 April 2005 page 4

Potter takes over

Lord Justice Potter takes over as Britain’s senior family
judge in a move that may herald a shake-up of the family courts
system. The unexpected appointment of Sir Mark, 67, as President of
Family Division caused controversy when announced.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 6 April 2005 page 15

The ‘what-ifs’ can drive you mad

Sara Payne, whose eight-year-old daughter was killed by a
paedophile, says she finds solace in her family and campaigning for
the establishment of ‘Sarah’s Law’

Source:- The Times T2 Wednesday 6 April 2005 page 9

Card companies offering credit to homeless young

Credit card companies and homeless young people living hostels and
urging them to apply for credit, according to research published by
homelessness charity Centrepoint today.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 6 April 2005 page 9

Driven underground

Many asylum seekers whose claims have failed choose to remain in
the UK and ‘disappear.’ Denied work or any state
support, they face a life of destitution. Here, a Zimbabwean who
fled Mugabe’s regime describes his fight to survive in
Manchester, and why he fears for his life if he is sent back.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 6 April 2005 page

From Asbo to softball

Westminster council has persuaded 12 young men to join a sports
vocation programme instead of giving them antisocial behaviour

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 6 April 2005 page

Low pay

Research by pay analysts Incomes Data Services for 2004-5 shows
that almost a quarter of care home operators had a started rate for
care assistants below the £4.85 national minimum wage. 74 per
cent of the voluntary sector operators and 68 per cent of the
private reported difficulty recruiting staff, with an average of 18
per cent rising to 40 per cent at the highest.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 6 April 2005 page

Shared ambition

Peter Gilroy, departing Kent social services to take the
council’s helm, talks about his vision of a brave new world
for county hall

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 6 April 2005 page

Chasing out the dragon

The Avon and Somerset Prolific Offender Scheme that seeks to break
the cycle of drug abuse and re-offending is proving a success

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 6 April 2005 page

End of the lineage

A more family-centred approach to parental drug and alcohol abuse
could prevent thousands of children entering care this year.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 6 April 2005 page

Scottish news

Asylum seekers in Scotland to benefit from £500,000

The Scottish executive has given £500,000 funding for refugees
and asylum seekers to access employment advice, learn new skills
and find work.

The £50,000 will be used by the Red Cross in Glasgow to set up
a guidance service, a specially targeted newspaper and a project
for vulnerable women, while a female project officer will be
recruited to lead female volunteers who can provide one-to-one
support for women with a focus on isolation and restricted

Source:- The Herald Wednesday 6 April

Backing for bail tag ban

Watchdogs have backed a new plan to electronically tag murder and
rape suspects and let them out on bail. A pilot scheme at four
councils that will give courts the option of tagging as a condition
of bail should be extended if it proved a success, the chairman of
the Scottish Sentencing Commission has said. But he wants tougher
penalties if bail is broken.

Source:- Daily Record Wednesday 6 April


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