The Big Question

Shaun Webster

Change self advocacy group

It is very wrong what the government is doing. It is the
government’s fault that these parents don’t have the
money to look after their children – they are setting up the
situation in the first place. In my opinion it goes against human
rights and the European Parliament should get involved.


Jaya Kathrecha


This is just being cruel to people who have done nothing wrong.
Children will suffer – there is already a shortage of
suitable places for children who can’t live with their
families, and this is adding to the problem. Why does the
government let people come here, and then take away their benefits?
It’s a human rights issue.


Len Smith



No, this tactic wrings the emotions in a dreadful way. There just
has to be a more humane approach. Obviously, no one wants to see a
child living in destitution, and it is right that their plight has
to be looked at. But using children as levers to pressurise parents
to depart seems to me to have a whiff of blackmail about


Karen Shook

Disability equality adviser

It is disgraceful. Why can’t help be given to families to
enable them to cope, rather than applying a care order? There will
always be situations  where
in the child’s best interest where action needs to be taken,
but for this to be policy will only make matters worse for those
struggling with asylum.


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