Tuesday 12 April 2005

By Simeon Brody, Maria Ahmed, Amy Taylor and Derren

Archbishop tells parents to grow up

The pressures of modern life are eroding the time and space
children need to develop, the Archbishop of Canterbury said
Dr Rowan Williams said children were forced to sit too many tests
at school and were being damaged by infantile adults.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 12 April 2005 page

Mother freed as judges narrowly reject

A mother who spent the last seven years in jail after being
wrongly convicted of murdering her two children has been freed by
the Court of Appeal. Donna Anthony, 31, who always denied
smothering her children had been jailed for life following evidence
from paediatrician Sir Roy Meadow.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 12 April 2005 page

Man beaten to death with plank after challenging vandal

A man was killed yesterday after confronting yobs who police
were said to have repeatedly failed to tackle. John Dabell, 25, was
beaten over the head with a plank on waste ground in Linby,
Nottinghamshire. Violence flared after a group of youths began
vandalising fences, it was claimed.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 12 April 2005 page

Parties warned against inflaming racial

Commission for Racial Equality chair Trevor Phillips today warns
political leaders that they risk inflaming ugly tensions in the
general election. He cited a spate of incidents against
travellers’ camps last month.

Source:- The Times, Tuesday 12 April 2005, page 1-2

One in four at risk of cannabis psychosis

One in four people carry the genes that increase vulnerability
to psychotic illnesses if he or she smokes cannabis as a teenager,
according to research by the Institute of Psychiatry at
King’s College, London.

Source:- The Times, Tuesday 12 April 2005, page 7

Carer sentenced

A babysitter who murdered her neighbour’s son by beating
his head against banisters will serve at least 10 years of a life
sentence, a judge has ruled.
Kyle Fisger, 2, was being looked after by Suzanne Holdsworth, 34,
at her home in Hartlepool last July while his 19-year-old mother
was out.

Source:- The Times, Tuesday 12 April 2005, page 15

Murder charge

A teenage girl was charged last night with the murder of
Charlotte Polius, 15, at a birthday party at the weekend.

Source:- The Times, Tuesday 12 April 2005, page 15

Access to justice should not depend on where people

Liberty director Shami Chakribarti looks at the dismantling of
legal aid.

Source:- The Times, Law, Tuesday 12 April 2005, page

Police issue warning as teenagers take to

Teenagers as young as 16 are increasingly using guns, often to
resolve “trivial” disputes, a Scotland Yard review has

Source:- The Independent, Tuesday 12 April 2005, page

Child Support Agency admits it tricked families into
losing cash

Child Support Agency staff have admitted deliberately
introducing errors into a database and deleting files for no
legitimate reason to cope with the agency’s administrative
overload. The blunders resulted in hundreds of thousands of
families being denied payments they were entitled to from absent
parents and the government. The revelations come in a report
commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions, released onto
the department’s website last month.

Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday, 12 April, page 1

Howard’s manifesto gamble

Conservative leader Michael Howard has claimed that immigration
officers at some airports are using suspect processes. Speaking at
the Conservative general election manifesto launch, Howard said he
had been told that if someone presented themselves with suspect
papers they were allowed to be in the country for two days as long
as they said they would come back at the end of this period.

Source:- The Guardian, Tuesday, 12 April, page 1

Scottish Newspapers

Social workers ‘using outdated

An interim report of the 21st Century Review team has said
social workers are using outdated methods and work in services that
respond only in a crisis.
Departments have become so risk-averse and bureaucratic it has
become impossible for social workers to do their jobs, the team
adds. Their report suggests change will be necessary, and may
involve encouraging communities to take greater responsibility for
tackling social problems and using more para-professionals and the
voluntary sector.

Source:- The Herald, 12 April

Shamed care firm in fresh scandal

Care home company Four Seasons Healthcare has been investigated
by the Care Commission for poor practices following complaints. The
commission found staff were hired for Hall House Lodge in Fenwick,
Ayrshire, without criminal checks, references and interviews. They
also found staff shortages were so severe that most worked double

Source:- The Record, 12 April

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