Book Review – Hammered: Young people and alcohol


Fast Forward Positive Lifestyles,

Russell House Publishing

ISBN 1903855519, £9.95

Star Rating: 3/5

Hammered is aimed at staff who deliver alcohol education
programmes to young people aged 10-25 years, writes Lindsay

While the opening section, with its sometimes mystifying
statistics, might put off some readers, this is followed by useful
advice about setting up and running programmes. But a step-by-step
guide, especially for newcomers would have helped here.

It is always good to have sample exercises that are tried and
tested and there are some examples here for use in structured
groupwork sessions. But I found it hard to see how they could be
used in different settings, with different age groups.

There’s a good reference section and tucked inside the back
cover is a lively young person’s leaflet. With a distinctly
Scottish flavour to the language, it would need adaptation for use
with wider groups of young people. It does not have all the answers
but it is a good start.

Lindsay May is regional programme manager, Positive
Activities for Young People.

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