If you ask me…

Which health or social care

professional has been most use

to you?

Staff at the Royal National

Institute for Deaf People (RNID)

and my befriender Charlie

Turrell from Deafblind UK.


Name one thing that would make your life

Sight, so I could read and write better.


What three words best describe you?

A coffee-drinker, funny and happy.


What event most changed your life?

Going into hospital.


If you could ban one thing

what would it be?

Fighting and war around the world.


If you were an animal what

would you be?

A horse.


If you won the lottery how would you spend

A Saab and a Porsche car, and Bob Marley music.


What is your greatest achievement?

Moving into an RNID care home and meeting deaf people.


What is your best memory?

Karting on holiday in Spain.


What celebrity would you like to be?

Benny Hill.


What do you like most about where you

My new hydraulic bath.


What is your favourite place?



What is your ambition?

To have a holiday in America.


What is your dream car?

I love Saabs.


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