Tuesday 19 April 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Derren Hayes and Amy

Howard in TV clash over race and immigration

Michael Howard last night clashed with members of a TV audience
after he seemed to suggest that Britain could face fresh racial
unrest if the flow of immigrants was not properly managed.

Howard said he feared a repeat of the race riots that broke out in
Burnley and Oldham in 2001.

The comments drew and angry response from the audience on Jonathon
Dimbleby’s Ask the Leaders programme who accused him of
pandering to xenophobia.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday April 19 2005 page 6

Two year’s jail for ex-policeman

Clifford Lawrence, a former Metropolitan police officer who
admitted four counts of indecent assault on boys under 16 and two
of indecency with a child, got a two-year sentence at Kingston
Crown Court yesterday.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday April 19 2005 page 9

Chagos families win first battle

Families forced by the British to leave their homes in the Indian
Ocean Chagos islands have won permission to fight for the right to
benefits in the UK.

They were moved in 1971 so that Diego Garcia could be handed over
to the US for an airbase.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday April 19 2005 page 9

Violent films fuel school bullying, says Puttnam

Hollywood films which portray violence “devoid of human
consequences” are fuelling a culture of bullying in
Britain’s schools, the Oscar-winning producer and peer Lord
Puttnam will warn today in a keynote speech at an anti-bullying
conference in London.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday April 19 2005 page 10

Murdoch supports Labour on migrants

Rupert Murdoch last night attacked the Conservatives for proposing
an overall cap on immigration.

He said the government needed to act to stop illegal immigration
but he supported the idea of continued legal immigration and
Labour’s move to a points system for potential immigrants was
the right approach.

Source:- Financial Times Tuesday 16 April 2005 page

From millions to billions in eight years

In the NHS as in much of the rest of the public sector the private
delivery of public services has become one of the defining features
of Labour’s tenure of office.

Since 1997, the private market for NHS health services has grown
from £200 million a year to a predicted £2 billion by

Source:- Financial Times Tuesday 16 April 2005 page

Education providers quick to learn lesson

Expenditure on private sector services is schools had reached
£4.2 billion by 2004 and will continue to grow further and
faster, according to the Confederation of British Industry.

Source:- Financial Times Tuesday 16 April 2005 page

Prisoners claim riot damages

Prison inmates are claiming compensation from the government for
allegedly being traumatised during a £2.75 million riot at
Lincoln jail in 2002 in which one prisoner died.

Forty five inmates have lodged personal injury claims relating to
post traumatic stress and physical injury.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 16 April 2005 page 10

British couples fight Cambodia adoption ban in the High

Six couples have launched a High Court appeal to challenge the
decision made by Margaret Hodge last June to impose an indefinite
ban on adoptions from Cambodia.

Hodge introduced the temporary suspension amid fears of child
trafficking but the couples, who were all midway through the
adoptive process argue she has acted unfairly and did not take into
account the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 16 April 2005 page 12

Blair refuses to rule out means testing of pensions

Tony Blair refused to rule out means testing of pensions for the
better off, when questioned at Labour’s daily press
conference. He said: “all these things need to be looked at
in the context of overall provision”.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 16 April 2005 page

Pupils chanted racial abuse in two-year campaign, teacher
tells tribunal

A Tunisian woman endured a two-year campaign of racial abuse from
pupils at Great Yarmouth High School, an employment tribunal heard

Nabuha Fredj was spat at in the street, called names in the
corridors and said she received no support from the school

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 16 April 2005 page

Scottish news

Mother’s fury over betrayal on sex abductor

A report by the Social Work Inspection Agency highlighted a
catalogue of failures in the handling of a teenager who tried to
rape a two-year-old girl while out on licence for another sex

The report concluded: “In our opinion the weaknesses in managing
this case occurred across all of the agencies and at all stages
through the prison sentence and back to the community. They were
wholly systemic in nature.”

Justice minister Cathy Jamieson has ordered an urgent audit of sex
offender cases by police, prison and local authority chiefs after
the investigation into North Lanarkshire Council’s supervision of
James Campbell uncovered a “systemic breakdown” between all
agencies involved in managing him.

Source:- The Herald  Tuesday 19 April

Sex offender case reveals raft of failures in system

Background article on the failures of authorities to manage James
Campbell properly. Particular concern was raised about how he was
monitored by staff in his medium secure accommodation and treatment
he received while in a Young Offender Institution.

Consequently an audit of others’ arrangements has been
ordered by ministers.

Source:-The Herald Tuesday 19 April

Welsh newspapers

Why you should teach ur mum 2 txt

Parents are being encouraged to learn how to text to help them to
check that their children are safe.

The campaign is being run by Milly’s Fund, which was set up
by the parents of murdered Surrey schoolgirl Milly Dowler.

Dyfed Powys Police is backing the campaign.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 19 April

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