Thursday 21 April 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Derren Hayes and Amy

Murder trial teacher kicked foster daughter, Old Bailey hears

A deputy head-teacher accused of killing his teenage foster
daughter had attacked her on a family holiday six months before her
death, a court heard yesterday.

The jury at Sion Jenkins’ retrial on charges of murdering
13-year-old Billie-Jo were told that Peter Gaimster, a family
friend, had seen the defendant kick the girl “with full
force” in the leg while on holiday in France.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 21 April 2005 page 2

Hearing told of double killing fears

A Home Office pathologist yesterday claimed there had been
“overwhelming evidence” of a double murder in the Sally
Clark case.

Dr Alison Armour was giving her view when she appeared before the
General Medical Council as it resumed the case of Dr Alan Williams,
the Home Office pathologist alleged to have botched post-mortem
examinations on 12-week-old Christopher Clark in 1996 and his
eight-week-old brother, Harry, two years later.

Sally Clark was convicted of murdering her two sons in 1999. She
was later cleared by the court of appeal in 2003.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 21 April 2005 page 2

Prisoner found dead in cell

Welsley McGoldrick, 24, was found dead hanging in his Brixton cell
yesterday, the Home Office said.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 21 April 2005 page 9

Youth on outdoor activity trip was unlawfully killed

A 16-year-old non-swimmer who drowned while on an outdoor activity
trip was unlawfully killed, an inquest jury yesterday.

Herve Bola, from Woodford Green, Essex, died at the Sgwd y Gwladys
Falls in Neath Valley, south Wales – known locally as Lady
Falls. The National Union of Teachers in Wales described the
verdict as “perverse.”

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 21 April 2005 page 11

Secret” of the morning-after pill that gives
protection against HIV

People exposed to HIV are being denied access to a life-saving
treatment that acts like a “morning-after” pill and can
prevent infection by the virus.

In a landmark legal action, two HIV-positive men are to sue the
government for failing to implement a national policy for the
treatment, which has been shown to reduce the chances of infection
by more than 80 per cent.

Source:- The Times Thursday 21 April 2005 page 4

Au pair is accused of killing baby boy

A Polish au pair killed a baby boy in her care with a
“devastating injury” to his head, a court heard.

Ewa Nowakowska, 20, had been devoted to the North London child
before his death in June last year but after she ran to neighbours
for help, the boy was found at his parents’ home with a
fractured skull, the Old Bailey was told.

Source:- The Times Thursday 21 April 2005 page 11

One in eight patients “moved” to avoid missing
waiting-time targets

One in eight patients is moved out of emergency departments in the
20 minutes before their four hour target, according to Sheffield
University research.

It is claimed that patients are being admitted to wards
inappropriately as a result.

Source:- Daily Telegraph Thursday 21 April 2005 page

Councillor risks jail to help couple fight

A local councillor says he is prepared to go to jail to help a
couple whose children are about to be adopted against their will
after they were accused of neglect.

A court hearing is expected to rubber stamp the children’s
adoption tomorrow but the couple maintain the evidence against them
is inaccurate.

The councillor, Barry Aspinell, believes mistakes by social
services can remain hidden behind the secrecy imposed on family
court proceedings under the Children Act, a ban that means he could
be prosecuted for talking about the case.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday 21 April 2005 page

No idea!

Tony Blair admitted he had no idea how many illegal immigrants are
in this country, in a television interview with Jeremy

Source:- Daily Mail Thursday 21 April 2005 page 10

Police gagged as crime soars

Figures released today will show a surge in violent crime but
Britain’s top police officers have been stopped from

Source:- Daily Mail Thursday 21 April 2005 page 10

Schoolgirls put topless pictures on the internet

Police and social services were called in after six Suffolk
schoolgirls took topless photographs of each other and posted them
on the internet.

The 15-year-olds posted the pictures on a website they had set up
and one of the girls was arrested on suspicion of taking indecent
photographs of a child.

Source:- Daily Mail Thursday 21 April 2005 page 24

Scottish news

Private schools face curb on charitable status

Scottish charities must prove to the Office of the Scottish Charity
Regulator that they fulfil a charitable purpose, such as prevention
of poverty or advancement of education, under new legislation
passed by the Scottish executive.

Charities must also meet an additional “public benefit” test, after
a last minute amendment was included. It could mean some
independent schools may have to close or increase fees, experts

Source:- The Herald Thursday 21 April

Welsh news

Website can help disabled people in Wales to find jobs

A disability specialist has launched a new service to help disabled
people in Wales to find employment.

As a part of its new website, Remploy, the UK’s largest
provider of jobs for disabled people, has created an online search
procedure for jobs in Wales.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 21 April


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