What the politicians have promised and what campaigners want


  • Personalised budgets in social care where people can decide
    what they need and how it should be provided.
  • Investment in, and improvement of, mental health services
    including behavioural therapies as well as drug treatments.
  • Appropriate resources and support from trained staff for
    children with special educational needs in a mixture of mainstream
    schools and special schools.
  • Services designed to meet the needs of disabled children and
    their families.
  • Incapacity benefit reforms, under which people with the most
    severe conditions will receive more money than they do now.


  • Expansion of respite care to make looking after a relative
  • Introduction of a Mental Health Bill giving patients the right
    to choose the treatment they need and a pledge to protect civil
  • Expansion of the number of psychiatric care places for
  • Suspension of the closure of special schools.

    Liberal Democrats

  • Appropriate training for all teachers and teaching assistants
    working with children with special educational needs.
  • Encouragement of the take-up of direct payments and greater
    support for service users, such as help with financial
  • Introduction of a £200 winter fuel payment for people with
    severe disabilities.
  • Introduction of a single equality act.


  • A guarantee that all disabled people will have control over
    their day-to-day lives.
  • A guarantee that disabled children will have the right to
    mainstream education.
  • Practical support to disabled people seeking employment. Better
    access to justice through establishment of equality tribunals.
  • An extension of anti-discrimination legislation to cover all
    public transport.


  • A review of the disabled facilities grant, used to pay for
    essential adaptations to their properties, to abolish means testing
    when being used for children.


  • Increased access to, and reduced waiting times for, mental
    health services.
  • Protected spending of primary care trust funds on mental health
  • New mental health legislation giving people access to mental
    health care when and how they need it.
  • An increase in annual spending on countering the stigma
    attached to mental health in England from the current 1.5 pence a
    head of the population to 36 pence a head within five years.


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