The Big Question

Angie Lawrence
Single mother
I will be voting for Labour. I have been financially
better off since they came to power. The Labour Party is more
caring, with a focus on people as individuals. The Conservatives’
policies are selfish – “I’m all right Jack”. Education facilities
and resources, and care for older people, have improved
dramatically under Labour.

Jean Stogdon
Carer and Grand- parents Plus chair
I have always been a Labour voter, but I would have
considered voting for someone else if they had more sophisticated
policies on older people. There should be political recognition
that many grandparents – some in poverty – are looking after their
grandchildren. I don’t like or trust Tony Blair.

Karen Shook
Disability equality adviser
I would worry about the fate of the new disability
discrimination legislation if the government isn’t re-elected. It
moves towards the comprehensive civil rights anti-discrimination
legislation that the 1995 act, a Conservative mish-mash, failed to

Len Smith
Gypsy activist
I intend to vote tactically for the Lib Dems – a vote for
Labour would be wasted in my constituency. My organisation have
begun to forge a good relationship with Labour ministers over
social inclusion and accommodation. The progress we have made, for
the benefit of all of society, would be set back 40 years if the
Tories win.

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