Theatre Review: Growing, Growing… Gone!

Growing, Growing… Gone!

Krazy Kat Theatre Company

Croydon Warehouse Theatre

2 April – and at the Blackheath Concert Hall (April 30), Bracknell
“Ciao!” Festival (June 9) and the Horsham Capitol
(June 11)


Like much of the Krazy Kat Theatre’s work, the actors in this
production fully integrate British Sign Language into their
performance, writes Mark Drinkwater.

The company aims to bring theatre to a young audience, and this
show is a hoot. Directed by deaf actor Robbie Jones, it’s a
fast-moving piece that romps through the story of Jack and the
Beanstalk incorporating mime, comedy, magic, storytelling and

The first scene starts with a basic explanation of sign language,
followed by a lively piece of audience participation – by which
time everyone is warmed up and ready to enjoy the rest of the

A cast of just two, Kinny Gardner and Alastair Macmillan, manage to
skilfully employ numerous props and puppets in telling the story.
The acting is excellent, with both actors accompanying their speech
with British Sign Language effortlessly.

Their highly visual approach ensures that this production is
accessible to a deaf audience, younger children and those whose
first language is not English.

This is an inclusive piece of theatre that provides an entertaining
and educational experience for children, with
plenty of enjoyable moments for adults. Bravo!

Mark Drinkwater is a community worker in Southwark, south

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