Tories outline their social care policies to Community Care

Liam Fox today reached out to social care professionals by
elaborating on the Tories’ plans for social care policy
should they be elected into government, writes Clare


Speaking to Community Care the day before the general
election, the chair of the Conservative party pledged that a Tory
government would ensure decisions about social care would be made
by professionals rather than ministers.

“We are determined to give control back to doctors, nurses
and care professionals.  We will allow them to get on with the job
of offering first rate care to those that need it, free from
Whitehall interference,” he said.

Fox added that under a Conservative government, the UK would
take more genuine refugees than it currently does.

“There is no question that we would deny support to those
people that are genuinely in need,” he added.

Fox added that the notion that the current system under the 1951
Geneva Convention was beneficial to refugees was

He also defended the Tories’ plans to introduce 20,000
extra prison places, claiming that jails were currently so
overcrowded that prisoners were not accessing education or
rehabilitation services.

Fox also pledged to introduce a Swedish model of drug treatment
to allow people to break the cycle of addiction and offending.

To read Liam Fox’s interview in full, check out
the latest Sixty Second Interview.

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