Fostering Frustrations

The desperate situation resulting from a national shortfall of
10,000 foster carers is making its mark. A survey by Fostering
Network reveals that foster carers are being “guilt tripped” by
social workers into taking children that they are not approved to
look after.

Social workers persuade them by saying that unless they take the
child in, there is nowhere safe to place them. It’s a powerful
piece of emotional blackmail that is bound to tug at the conscience
of those who have chosen to look after some of our most vulnerable
children. But the result is the very situation that social workers
are trying to avoid. It cannot be safe for a child to live in an
overcrowded placement or with foster carers without the necessary

Sixty-two per cent of the 70,000 children and young people
looked after on any given day in the UK live with foster carers,
whose value is immeasurable. But the government, in partnership
with councils, must do more to ensure that they are paid and
supported. Otherwise we’ll have an even bigger shortfall.

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