Responses to Hilton’s Blog

Reponses to Hilton’s Blog

“I am so glad to see that you are still crusading on behalf of
children and young people and although sorry to hear that you would
no longer be our MP in Lancaster, was pleased that you changed
track for the right reasons.

I have continued concerns about the difficulties of moving
children across counties to be re-house in children’s homes and the
difficulties faced by the social workers in pre-planning that move
and ensuring that the child receives an education from the new
address.  It is all too common that the young person will have been
out of education for months will not arrive with a PEP and will
struggle to maintain attendance due to the associated problems of
being behind and having to start all over with new peers and
teaching staff. 

I found your article most interesting thank you and best wishes
for the future.”


Jacqui Dunning
Policy Officer
Lancashire Education Welfare Service

“As a probation officer in Hilton’s Lancaster constituency
I would like to publicly thank him for being such a hard working
and assiduous constituency MP as well as the Children’s and Young
Persons champion in Parliament. Westminster’s loss is social work’s


Roger Frankland
Probation Officer

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