Government fails to get Mairs’ name reinstated on Poca List

The government has failed to get a social worker who was fired
after Victoria Climbie’s death put back on a list of people
considered unsuitable to work with children in the High Court
today, writes Amy Taylor.

Angella Mairs was sacked for gross misconduct by Haringey
Council in north London after Victoria’s death in February
2000 and her name was put on the Department for Education and
Skills’ Protection of Children Act list.

She later won an appeal before the Care Standards Tribunal in
November last year which ruled that her name should be taken off
the list.

Lawyers for the Department for Education and Skills challenged
the tribunal’s decision in the High Court but today their
appeal was dismissed.

Mairs was the manager and superviser of social worker Lisa
Arthurworrey who was also sacked for gross misconduct after
Victoria’s death and had her name put on the Poca list.

Arthurworrey is appealing to the Care Standards Tribunal to try
to get her name removed this week.

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