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Community Care has provided a unique service for all
professionals registered with the General Social Care Council: a
free, personalised online facility for storing and recording your
learning in order to meet post-registration training and learning
(PRTL) requirements.

At the end of the registration period of three years, before
re-registering, all professionals will have to demonstrate that
they have spent 15 days increasing their professional knowledge and
skills. Many different activities can be included in the required
PRTL total.

The new service from Community Care enables individual
professionals to create a password-protected training log, which is
as flexible as the GSCC’s PRTL requirements.

The service also provides questions for discussion in teams
based on Community Care’s weekly “knowledge zone”
articles. Suggested by our expert academic, policy-maker and
practitioner authors, these discussion questions and the time guide
for discussion also provided on the site, will allow each member of
the discussion group to enter their own learning outcomes which can
contribute to meeting the PRTL requirement.

The service also provides a matching service for those who wish
to shadow a fellow professional in their job – another way to
prepare for re-registration.

At the end of the registration period, the log can be
electronically mailed direct to the GSCC. It can also be mailed to
managers or colleagues.

You can also use the log to record your learning from training
courses, conferences and events.

and create your training log. The service has been designed for
maximum usability. Once you have entered the registration details
and chosen your password, you’re ready.

GSCC head Lynne Berry, says: “Training is essential in
keeping standards high. You may find it helpful to build learning
opportunities into your daily routine and create a portfolio of
your training and new skills.”

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