Tuesday 31 May 2005

By Simeon Brody, Maria Ahmed, Amy Taylor and Derren

Police warn parents after mob attacks
Police have urged parents to take greater responsibility for their
children’s upbringing and behaviour after two gang attacks,
one of which left a householder needing surgery to rebuild his
Source:- The Times Tuesday 31 May 2005 page 12
Rural protest over council tax
Rural communities have called on the government to end
“injustice” against the countryside in the council
finance system.
In a manifesto published today a cross-party coalition of more than
50 councils claimed that people in the country paid more for fewer
services, and called for the government to recognise the extra
costs of providing services for rural communities.
Source:- The Times Tuesday 31 May 2005 page 20
Prisoners may be free early to ease jail

Charles Clarke has been given warning that drastic measures,
including releasing prisoners early, may be needed to tackle
Britain’s record jail population.
Officials have suggested the government order the executive release
of prisoners, postpone the refurbishment of jail wings and delay
closure of the country’s only prison ship, after a rise of
almost 3,000 in prison numbers since the start of the year.
One official said judges and magistrates were like a weather vane
in the way they reacted to the current political and public climate
with its emphasis on yobbish behaviour.
Source:- The Times Tuesday 31 May 2005 page 25
Mother finds stolen daughter after six years – but
still can’t take her home
A young British mother who has spent six years searching for her
abducted daughter has tracked her down to a remote village in
Pakistan-controlled Kashmir.
Kiran Hussain, 26, is starting an action in the Supreme Court of
the region to secure the return of Fatima, 8, who was snatched from
her home in Leeds and taken out of the country by her father in
Source:- The Times Tuesday 31 May 2005 page 26
A shot across Brown’s bow
There needs to be more discussion about the proposed merger of
health and adult social care inspectorates if the plan is not to
end in farce, Dame Denise Platt, the chair of the Commission for
Social Care Inspection, has said.
Source:- The Times Public Agenda Tuesday 31 May 2005, page 5
Blair steps in to end “yob culture”

Tony Blair will chair the first meeting of the cabinet committee on
antisocial behaviour to end a turf war between the Home Office and
the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister over control of the
“yob” agenda.
The committee will focus on discipline in schools, stopping abuse
of public sector workers and ways of persuading more councils to
use anti-social behaviour orders.
Source:- The Independent Tuesday 31 May 2005 page 16
Woman with four personalities wins right to tell
A woman who suffers from a disturbing condition in which she lives
her life as four different characters has won the right for her
story to be told.
The High Court has allowed Pamela Edwards, 32, who requires 24-hour
care to help her cope with the conflicting personalities that
control her life, to feature in a television documentary to be
screened next week.
Source:- The Independent Tuesday 31 May 2005 page 19
We must tackle failure of black boys – Phillips
The failure to tackle academic underachievement in
African-Caribbean boys is threatening to turn them into a
“permanent underclass”, Trevor Phillips has
Ministers should not blame underperformance on the “racist
attitudes” of white staff but should “come up with some
answers” and not rule out controversial measures such as
segregation, the Commission for Racial Equality chairman
Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 31 May 2005 page 2
Demos chief warns of crisis
Democracy needs to be recast down to the neighbourhood level to
become relevant to people’s lives, the director of think-tank
Demos warns this week.
He suggests that the real task of modern leaders will be to tell
voters that they have to change their own behaviour and attitudes
if issues such as climate change and the pensions deficit are to be
Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 31 May 2005 page 7
Met calls on Asian firms to hire “at risk”
The Metropolitan Police is to ask Asian businesses to hire
vulnerable youngsters from their own communities in an attempt to
divert them from crime.
Police say a small but worrying percentage are getting sucked into
gangs involved in a wide range of organised crime.
Officers will identify vulnerable youngsters through youth
offending teams and put their names forward to businesses to take
them on.
Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 31 May 2005 page 12
Test for drivers on drugs
Police are to use hand-held detectors in a roadside crackdown on
The “drugalysers” can detect almost all the drugs in
recreational use including cannabis, cocaine and Ecstasy.
Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 31 May 2005 page 1
Facing a ban, £1 club drug that’s a horse

Ketamine – known as “special K” – is to become a
Class C drug following alarm that its use is spreading among
students and schoolchildren.
The drug, a horse tranquiliser, is used as a cheap alternative to
Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 31 May 2005 page 24
Scottish news
Immigrants working illegally on the rise
The number of immigrants caught working illegally in the west of
Scotland has trebled in three years, new figures from the Home
Office show.
Community leaders estimate up to 80 per cent of Glasgow’s takeaways
and restaurants employ or have employed illegal workers and say
increasing numbers are travelling from India, Pakistan and Russia
to work in Scotland.
Figures showed that 94 were caught last year.
Source:- The Herald Tuesday 31 May
Asylum seekers ‘are target for

A charity has called for more help for asylum seekers sent to
Scotland by the Home Office, after a report found many families
were affected by social and mental health problems.
A Save the Children Scotland survey revealed a many parents were
taking anti-depressants or seeking counselling caused by isolation
and persecution or helplessness due to being banned from working in
the UK.
Source:- The Herald Tuesday 31 May
School violence hotline
A telephone service has been set up for school staff in
Aberdeenshire to report violence by pupils, following a rise in
Teachers, caretakers and canteen workers will be able to dial the
phoneline to log problems, saving them from having to fill out
time-consuming report forms.
Source:- The Record Tuesday 31 May


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