Thursday 2 June 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Derren Hayes and Amy

Inquiry into deaths at care home

The deaths of five older people this year at a private care home
are being investigated by police.

Norfolk police said yesterday that its major investigation team was
heading the inquiry at Horsford Court, a residential home for
frail, older people just outside Norwich.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday 2 June 2005 page

Five children questioned after boy, 5, left hanging

Six children are being interviewed about allegations that one of
them – a five-year-old boy – was abducted by the others
and taken to a busy park where he was left hanging from a tree in

Three boys and two girls, aged 11 and 12, spent last night at a
police station being questioned on suspicion of attempted murder
because of the scale of the younger child’s injuries.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 2 June 2005 page 1

Two million families hit by tax credit clawback

Two million families are being forced to repay £2 billion to
the government – £1,028 each on average, after figures
revealed that third of all tax credit awards were overpaid.

Critics said the figures, from Revenue and Customs, showed the tax
credit system was in danger of becoming discredited as families
faced the prospect of “boom and bust” in their personal

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 2 June 2005 page 2

Modern mothers suffer more stress and get less sleep

Mothers with new babies are getting 30 per cent less sleep than
their own mothers did in the 1960s and 70s, according to a

It found that today’s babies wake on average three times a
night and take 33 minutes to settle, compared with twice a night a
generation ago when they took 20 minutes to settle.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 2 June 2005 page 3

Visa bar on singles is illegal, says watchdog

British immigration staff in India and Jamaica are refusing visas
on the grounds of being “young, single and or marriageable

The immigration lawyer who uncovered the practice has told
ministers that it is no more than an illegal attempt to limit the
opportunities for Indians and Jamaicans to meet British citizens as
it might lead to marriage.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 2 June 2005 page 6

Young inmates at risk in Victorian jail

Young and vulnerable inmates are being forced to mix with older
prisoners, including sex offenders, in Bristol prison, according to
a report by the chief inspector of prisons.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 2 June 2005 page 6

Boy arrested over attack that led to “yobs”

A 15-year-old boy is being questioned about the attempted murder of
a man who was attacked in the street in Salford after he confronted
a group of youths.

The boy, from Higher Broughton, Salford, was arrested more than 200
miles away in London.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 2 June 2005 page 8

Gypsies plan court fight to beat Asbos

Wakefield Council’s attempt to use Asbos to close illegal
travellers’ sites is likely to face a court challenge if any
orders are served, the Gypsy Council warned yesterday.

Travellers will be encouraged to being test cases against the
Labour-run authority which could halt the gradual spread of the

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 2 June 2005 page 13

Scottish news

Leaked report reveals chaos and failure at NHS 24

An interim report by the independent group reviewing the
telephone health helpline NHS 24 has revealed how staffing problems
have undermined the service from day one.

The report, leaked to the Herald, suggests that the service glossed
over the issue and did not fully consider the risks of the
resulting delays in giving callers medical advice.

Lack of leadership, management problems and failure to properly
pilot the scheme were also cited by the review group appointed by
the Scottish executive.

Source:- The Herald Thursday 2 June

Police quiz owners of care home where 14 died in

The owners of a care home where 14 older people died in a fire
were questioned by police this week.

Tom and Anne Balmer were detained by Strathclyde Police for six
hours before being released without charge. The results of the
interviews will be reported to the procurator-fiscal at Hamilton
which is investigating the tragedy.

Source:- The Herald Thursday 2 June

McCabe threatens takeover of failing

Local government and finance minister Tom McCabe has threatened
to step in and run failing councils.

It followed a report by Audit Scotland into Inverclyde Council
criticizing fundamental weaknesses in the way it was run. Local
government leaders have promised to send in a “hit squad” of senior
council officials to try to turn round the failing services at the
council over the next six months.

Source:- The Scotsman Thursday 2 June

£32m for schools and care homes

Midlothian Council is to invest £12.5 million in building
two new residential homes for older people, enabling it to meet
more stringent new care home standards which are required to be in
place by 2007.

The money is over and above a previously announced commitment to
spend £80m building 1000 council homes over the next five
years. It is also spending £19.5 million extra in nursery and
primary education.

Source:- The Scotsman Thursday 2 June

Welsh news

Charity to sharpen dirty needles message

A drugs and alcohol charity is aiming to tell more children about
the dangers posed by dirty needles.

The substance abuse charity CAIS has educated 250, 000 children in
North Wales through its Don’t Touch – Tell! project. It
is now trying to get funding from the National Assembly to enable
it to run the project across all of Wales.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 2 June

Bilingual booklet helps siblings of autistics to
understand differences

A booklet in English and Welsh to help the brothers and sisters of
an autistic child is set to be launched.

The booklet aims to help stop siblings feeling left out when
parents devote a lot of attention to the autistic child by
explaining why this is necessary. My Brother Gwern will be launched
at an Asperger’s Syndrome conference organised by Autism
Cardiff on June 6.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 2 June

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