Cheap labour “disguised as training” for young offenders

Young offenders entering private-sector training and employment
schemes are at risk of exploitation, according to a report due to
be published later this month, writes Maria

The report by the Social Market Foundation raised concerns that
cheap labour was “disguised as training” in some
schemes, and warned that this could leave young offenders earning
as little as £14 a week.

It found schemes were “open to claims of
exploitation,” and called for “absolute
transparency” from employers and better monitoring.

Young offenders also faced discrimination from employers as they
were perceived as a risk, the report said.

Benefits restrictions on the number of hours spent in work and
training that young offenders could undertake were also cited as a
major obstacle for employers.

While the report found that the number of schemes for young
offenders was limited, one successful scheme reported a seven per
cent rate in re-offending, compared to a national average of around
70 per cent.

Private sector provision of employment services for young adults
at risk:

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