Friday 3 June 2005

By Simeon Brody, Maria Ahmed, Derren Hayes and Mithran

Police seeking three more suspects as anger grows at

As five-year-old Anthony Hinchcliffe spoke to officers about the
woodland attack which left ligature marks around his neck, a
12-year-old girl was facing a second night in custody on suspicion
of attempted murder.

Three boys and another girl, all aged 11 or 12, were released
without charge yesterday after being questioned about the incident
and police are still seeking to trace three further suspects.

Source:- The Times Friday 3 June 2005 page 6

Teenagers on murder charge

Five teenagers, including a 15-year-old, have been charged with the
murder of a 40-year-old man beaten to death outside his flat in
Hailsham town centre in East Sussex.

Source:- The Times Friday 3 June 2005 page 9

Care home deaths

Horsford Court, a privately-run care home for older people in
Horsford, Norwich will be investigated over the deaths of five
residents this year. Fifty one people live at the home, owned by
Southern Cross Healthcare.

Source:- The Times Friday 3 June 2005 page 9

Angry villagers dig in over TV gardener’s youth

TV gardener Monty Don plans to work in partnership with the
Probation Service to give young offenders the chance to find the
answer to their criminal behaviour in the soil.

The presenter plans a six-part television series, called Growing
out of Crime, focusing on delinquents as they learn to grow food
and acquire other rural skills but faces opposition from local

Source:- The Times Friday 3 June 2005 page 29

Man killed by boy on Asbo

A teenager killed a man eight days after being served with an
anti-social behaviour order, a court heard yesterday.

Gary Prescott, 16, attacked Thomas Noble as he tried to break up a
fight involving a gang of youths in the street.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 3 June 2005 page

School bans hoodies to stop disruptive pupils

A head teacher has banned hooded tops from her secondary school to
prevent pupils using them to hide their faces.

Anne Cahart told parents at Maesteg Comprehensive School in Brigend
that hoodies would be confiscated if worn to school because badly
behaved pupils were using them to mask their identity.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 3 June 2005 page

Jenkins ‘discussed death with daughter’

Sion Jenkins, the former deputy headmaster accused of murdering his
foster child, discussed the killing with his eldest daughter after
handing her a book to read in bed, the Old Bailey was told

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Friday 3 June 2005 page

Scottish news

£1.3m campaign fails to benefit care sector

A £1.36 million advertising campaign to promote the social
work profession has had minimal impact, a report claims.

The Scottish executive paid for broadcast, newspaper and poster
advertising for the Care in Scotland to try and encourage
recruitment to the sector.

But research after the campaign found that the public still regards
social workers as over-worked, highly stressed, under-valued,
poorly paid and inadequately trained.

Source:- The Herald Friday 3 June

Judge rejects care home abuse claims

Alleged victims of historical abuse in children’s homes have
criticised a judge for throwing out three test cases because he did
not want to prejudice the work of an order of nuns.

Lord Drummond Young ruled that three £50,000 claims should not
get special dispensation to continue given the “very substantial”
period which had elapsed since the alleged abuse.

Lord Young said it would be unfair to prejudice the Congregation of
the Poor Sisters of Nazareth current work with older people and
AIDS sufferers when the alleged abusers were “dead or no
longer active”.

Source:- The Scotsman Friday 3 June

Welsh news

OAP killed sister, then herself

A gardener strangled his sister and then killed himself because of
their fear they would be separated because she had
Alzheimer’s, an inquest concluded.

Daniel Portal acted after his sister Joan Evans, whom he was
inseparable from, conveyed her fear of being detained in the same
psychiatric hospital as their late mother.

The coroner recorded verdicts of unlawful killing and

Source:- Western Mail Friday 3 June 2005

Has the fuss over hoodies gone too far?

NCH Cymru has criticised a school for banning hooded tops, saying
they are worn for fashion rather than to hide criminality.

Maesteg Comprehensive recently joined the Bluewater shopping centre
in Kent from banning hooded tops, saying they were being used to
hide pupils’ identity during bad behaviour.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 3 June 2005


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