More adults placed outside their areas

The number of adults placed in residential care out of area rose
by 3 per cent between 2003 and 2004, according to the Department of

They show that 49,100 residents were placed outside their home
authority in 2004, representing 18 per cent of state-funded adults
in residential care.

The Community Care Statistics 2004, released last week, confirm
trends in the provision of social care, namely fewer users and
greater provision by the independent sector.

Numbers in residential care fell 2 per cent to 278,000, after a
5 per cent fall between 2002 and 2003, with an increase in the
proportion provided by the independent sector.

Home care was provided more intensely to fewer people. Average
contact hours per household rose from 8.7 to 9.5 between 2003 and
2004, while the number of households receiving care fell 2 per

The independent sector provided 69 per cent of home care, up
from 67 per cent in 2003 and 56 per cent in 2000.


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