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Star Rating: 3/5

Information Plus

ISBN 0954461479, £39.95


This CD-Rom turns the format of a radio phone-in into a game in
which teenagers win points for giving good advice to virtual
callers with problems such as drinking or bullying, writes Clea

Big Brother’s Cameron Stout plays the DJ and offers advice. He
makes a likeable and straightforward host, but risks making the
game date very quickly.

The radio show is far more engaging and lively than an
old-fashioned board game. All the text is spoken by actors, making
it accessible for young people with special needs. The technology
could not be simpler.

The game will be most successful used in a small group with an
adult facilitator. The issues are not treated in much depth and,
although there are links to relevant web pages, a lot of the
learning will need to come from the discussion. It’s a great way to
get teenagers sitting down and discussing things, but it’s only a
starting point.

Clea Barry is an adoption social worker.

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