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This site for person-centred planning (PCP) in Hampshire is
excellent, writes Tina Edwards. It has five sections and
each individual link page changes colour to let you know that you
have chosen it, which seems a very good idea.

The section on PCP training for co-ordinators is informative,
well thought-out and effective.

The “discussion” link with its questions and concerns (and
in-depth FAQ page) gives a valuable insight into how PCP is working
and being received by the many groups of people who interact with
people with learning difficulties.

The site has a links map which is a really useful way of listing
all PCP events that happen in the county, as well as what has
already happened. The resource page is very informative.

The minutes of previous partnership board meetings, as well as
the agenda of the next one, are found there giving you a feel of
the direction of the groups involved.

I am very impressed by what this site has achieved as well as
its commitment to improvement through its members.

Tina Edwards is an information officer, Voice UK, a
national charity for people with learning


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