Book Review: Active ageing in active communities


Justin Davis Smith and Pat Gay, Policy Press

ISBN 1861345852, £11.95

Star Rating: 4/5

Many of the findings in this report will be known to those
already working in the voluntary sector or with older volunteers.
But it remains an informative read and useful, writes Ruth

The report is based on research and is logically structured and
clearly written, making good use of quotes taken from the
The report uses information from all those involved in older
volunteering, from volunteers themselves to local organisations and
key national stakeholders.

There are some good recruitment ideas and discussion on the
barriers to volunteering and the image of older volunteers.

Suggestions are made as to how government could support the
development of older volunteering. The influences and the barriers
to older people volunteering are considered, in terms of
implications for the future, which raises some possible

Ruth Molloy is a senior health promotion specialist,
Bolton primary care trust, and works with older

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