Workplace stress worries two out of three in public sector

Mental health charity Mind has added to the mounting body of
evidence on the damaging impact workplace stress is having on UK

Its survey of TUC safety representatives found two out of three in
the public sector are concerned about the issue, compared with one
out of two in the private sector.

The Mind report, published in May, also gives tips for employers
and employees on how to reduce stress at work.

Employers should encourage awareness, understanding and openness on
mental health and stress in the workplace; develop and adhere to
formal policies on the issues; give employees more flexibility on
managing their time and work; and put resources into stress
counselling, awareness training and stress-busting

Employees need to recognise the importance of developing good
working relationships with colleagues in reducing stress; recognise
aspects of jobs or working environments that can cause stress and
develop personal coping skills; and be proactive in suggesting to
employers ways of reducing stress.

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